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I was first introduced to Bizzy Bitz on Dragons Den, where the inventors – Mr and Mrs Fogel, tried to secure an investment in their brand new construction product.

The husband and wife team who had both been working with children for over 20 years noticed a gap in the market for construction toys that can be made into any shape.  On the show you can see models of a phone, Big Ben and more so I was excited when we were sent some Bizzy Bitz to review.

The easy to grip pieces come in modern, bright colours which promise to be easy to assemble and take apart.  The boxes come with a leaflet full of pictures of how to make the models which you can copy, or you can just freestyle and use your imagination.

The Bizzy Bitz sets we were sent to review are aimed at age 5 and over, so I set Isaac (6), Alfie (6), Kian (13) and Ellie (7) to work.  Not one to be left out, Eliza joined in too.

Bizzy Bitz

Bizzy Bitz promise to capture their imaginations and help with their spacial awareness and numeracy.  I am afraid to say that they didn’t live up to their promise.

The shapes are flimsy and come apart too easily.  I joined in to help and even I go frustrated when trying to build the simplest of models as they kept coming apart.  The younger children got bored within 5 minutes and couldn’t be persuaded to try again.

Kian fared better and made a rather impressive digger, but at 13 he is too old for the set and even he gave up at attempting something more complicated – this is the boy who adores the most complicated lego models!

Bizzy Bitz


I have got the Bizzy Bitz out a couple of times since, to see if I can drum up any interest from the kids.  Eliza enjoys identifying the shapes and colours and attaching the shapes to each other with the ball and socket clips.  She even managed to make a windmill and a lion but once they are built you cannot play with them as they just fall apart.

Bizzy Bitz

Sadly Bizzy Bitz aren’t for us, but other parents have got on well with them – check out review of Busy Bitz by clicking on the link.

You can find more information about Bizzy Bitz on their facebook page or on twitter.

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  1. Oh what a shame. I think this is why Lego continue to do so well, as many people try alternatives with the same concept but they don’t stay together well.

  2. I love toys where children have to use their imagination and these look brilliant and so colour. What a shame they break so easily, I can see how frustrating that must have been. Maybe they need to tweak the design a bit?


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