Britax TRIFIX Stage One Car Seat Review

We have finally got the stage of changing over Sebastian’s car seat.

I was hoping to keep him rear facing until he was 15 months, but he got too big for his rear facing carseat and would make his discomfort known on even the shortest journey.

As a Britax Mumbassador I was given the opportunity to review one of their car seats and as we now have a car with ISOFIX points, I decided to get the TRIFIX which is universally approved for use in any car with ISOFIX and Top Tether anchorage points.

TRIFIX is the first seat to feature the Britax revolutionary ISOFIX+ installation system – the latest innovation in energy management. The combination of the patented V-Tether and Pivot Link technologies dramatically reduce the child’s forward and rotational movement, keeping them safer than ever.

In addition to the deep, softly padded side wings, we have further enhanced the child’s protection by integrating the innovative, energy-absorbing SI-Pad Technology to ensure superior side impact protection.

Britax trifix

It is really easy to fit – no more worrying about twisted seat belts and pulling it tight and the instructions were simple to follow, with pictures to help you.

You simply guide the ISOFIX points on the attachments in the car and click them into place.  There are two indicators on the front of the carseat which turn from red to green when the seat is locked in place correctly.

At the back of the car seat is the V-Tether which clips to a further attachment that is in the boot of our car, which I had always wondered what it was for.  You simply pull the V-Tether tight and that is it.

Britax Trifix

The car seat is definitely the most secure one I have ever used and I am happy that Sebastian is cool, comfortable, secure and most of all safe.

He adores facing forwards and looking at the world go by in his carseat and if he falls asleep I can recline the seat so he sleeps comfortably and is not hanging forward.  I am confident that it will last until he is four as Eliza can comfortably fit in the seat too.  The headrest does move up and down to fit the child as he/she grows.

Britax Trifix

I even took part in a free car seat check and the safety officer was impressed with how secure the car seat was.  I did have the straps slightly too loose though and she taught me how to ensure the straps were are the correct height and tension.

Britax Trifix

The TRIFIX is at the top end of the car seat price range, but it is well worth the price for its features and I do recommend shopping around as I have seen it for as little as £179 and as much as £300

15 thoughts on “Britax TRIFIX Stage One Car Seat Review”

  1. All three of mine loved it when they were changed from rear to forward facing. They got to the stage where they’d scream every time we put them in the rear facing seats!

  2. Aww your little one certainly seems to like his new car seat! My little ones loved changing to his Group 1 seat when he was little, they love to see what’s going on around them

  3. Great review! How tall is your daughter, how high can the headrest be adjusted? Thinking whether this might suit my very lightweight but tall child who is too small For Group 2 seats.

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