It’s all about Monty!

I have to admit I fell for the hype.

I have loved penguins for a long time and Sebastian is fast following in my footsteps!  The John Lewis advert with Monty and Mabel the adorable penguins is just too cute and I had my heart set on owning one of their Penguin scarves from the merchandise that comes out alongside the advert.

It seems despite looking within hours of the advert first being aired, the scarves were out of stock.  I have checked back daily to no avail and searching ebay I see that they are being sold for nearly double the price.  Now £35 on a scarf is more than I would normally pay anyway, so £70 is way too high even for me.

I am all for selling things on eBay if they have been outgrown or the kids are grown tired of them, but to purchase new things and putting them on the selling site for double their cost is just plain rude and prices so many people out of the market.

So, for all you people who have missed out on buying their favourite piece of Monty and Mabel merchandise I give you Monty from Paultons Park – he is much more fun and no, we couldn’t bring him home either :0(

12 thoughts on “It’s all about Monty!”

  1. Oh I hate people who buy stuff just to sell it to those who are desperate for it – I see it so much in concert tickets too. And it even pre-dates ebay – I remember the year of the great tellytubby shortage when Betsy was tiny, people were selling them in the paper for huge mark ups!

  2. Oh, lovely, I do hope you get your scarf. One day, when I will be a famous blogger and have PR contacts in high places I will make sure to make such a simple request possible.xx


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