Tyre Safety Advice for Parents

Hello everyone! I’m Ross Miller, an expert in tyre safety. I have always had a passion for cars and have a keen interest in cars, Formula One, auto parts and writing. I understand how incidents from reckless driving to tiny carelessness can cost a life and hence am writing about the safety measures mums can take while driving!

The last thing that any mum wants when on the road is a tyre blowing out which can be extremely nerve-wrecking for all concerned. The problem with a blowout is that it is very difficult to control and it can cause your car to skid or even spin. Goes without saying what a traumatic experience it can be for the kids if they are tucked in safely in a car seat at the time of a blow out! They will remain agitated even if the car is brought to a halt safely. Therefore, knowing what to do in the event of tyre trouble is important for all mums. Stated below are a few things you can do to keep you and your kids safe from any such incident;


Keeping your car’s tyres in good condition is very important. After all, prevention is always better than cure. According to Point S for tyres in Dorset, all new tyres should come with tread that has at least a 7mm depth and as a mum you must get your car tyres inspected regularly. You can incur a 3 point sanction for a tyre which is worn beyond its legal limit – and remember that is for each tyre of your car.

Old tyres wear down and you should inspect the tread to make sure that you are not subject to any bald spots. It is worth noting that all of the tyres must have sufficient tread, not just the part you can see, so raising your car at a tyre dealership really does help to make a visual check that much more thorough. Along with the tread depth, you need to keep an eye open for cracks and bulges. Especially during winter, when it gets darker, it is all too easy to ignore your tyres which in turn lead to the greater likelihood of a blowout. Remember to also check your tyre pressure at the filling station the next time you stop for petrol. Under-inflated tyres can be susceptible to some problems, but over-inflated tyres tend to suffer more blow outs, particularly if you travel on roads with debris or pot holes.

If you do face a blow out, then try not to brake immediately, or you may spin. Allow the car to decelerate naturally and pull over to the hard should, if possible. Tapping the brake gently can help to reduce speed but don’t stamp on it or you will probably skid. Keep both hands on the wheel to keep you pointing in a straight line. Stay calm and this will help you passengers – especially little ones – to not become overly upset or worried.


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  1. If you’re like most drivers, you know how important it is to have properly inflated tires, but you probably don’t check your tire pressure regularly, and you might not even recognize the low tire pressure light that could save your life. Always need to ensure that the TPMS is working properly.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great post! I think it’s very important for both parents and non parents to know this information. But especially anybody who drives often and even more so if they regularly have company when travelling. I’ll be sure to point parents this way for tyre advice in the future! Thanks again for the tips!


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