Propel RC now in the UK!

On Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited to the RAF Museum in London for the UK product launch of Propel, America’s leading premium supplier of RC products.  We were promised flying fun alongside face painting model making and dressing up and they didn’t disappoint.

When we arrived Kian and Isaac were instantly distracted by all the radio controlled products that were flying around, whereas Eliza was more keen to have her face painted.

Kian headed straight into some NForce helicopter training.  The RC Helicopter is stable, nimble and impressive! It features a built-in gyroscopic chip for extreme stability and control which means you can fly backwards, forwards, left and right, or hover in mid-air! The Gyropter even banks like a real helicopter and the Multi-colored blinking LEDs, which can be turned on and off with the touch of a button for night flying missions, make a really cool addition to it.

Propel RC

Kian got the hang of it really quickly and was soon expertly flying it around the room in practice for the challenges later.  We started Isaac and Eliza off with the Propel Hovermaxx which is perfect for beginner flyers.  It is easy-to-fly UFO and features a 50-foot range, infrared remote with variable speeds, and controllable coloured LED lights for night flying. They were doing time trials with this one and Kian shot straight to the top of the leaderboard and stayed there all day.  I am ashamed to say that my attempt was not great, with Isaac easily beating me! We all had great fun and despite numerous collisions with walls, ceilings and the floor the UFO’s stayed in one piece!


Next up was the Propel Air Combat 2.4Ghz Motion Controlled Battling Helicopters, which had the boys giggling non-stop.  The joystick controls that you tip to make the helicopter move were a great addition and Isaac intuitively knew hoe to fly it instantly.

The helicopter has advanced infrared battling technology so the Air Combat copters can “dog-fight” in mid-air.  With each successful “hit” side-lights illuminate and the copter performs a spin and after 3 strikes, the defeated players copter automatically spirals to the ground-game over!  Again these helicopters are very sturdy and survived a few mid-air collisions!


The final challenge of the day was to complete the obstacle course with the Speedstar indoor/outdoor helicopter, which is the first 10-inch mini-helicopter that can battle the elements of the great outdoors with flying colours. The Speedstar is a hobby grade fully interchangeable component helicopter.

Kian completed the first part of the obstacle course really quickly, but it took a few attempts to guide the helicopter through the hole!

Propel RC

The kids also made some wooden helicopter models, played pin the rota on the helicopter before the event was invaded by aliens…………well Isaac and Eliza discovered the dressing up box!!

Propel RCWe were also introduced to some of the new ranges that they will be bringing out in the new year and I already have my heart set on the quadcopter with built in camera!!

The kids didn’t want to leave the event, but as everyone was starting to pack away I finally managed to crowbar them away with the promise of exploring the RAF Museum.

The PropelRC range is available at and for more information on their products you can follow @PropelRC_UK on twitter and find them on facebook.  Thank you for a fabulous day out!!

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