Sebastian’s 18th Month Update

How is my little boy 18 months old, it seems almost impossible he is no longer my tiny baby.

Developmentally he has come on leaps and bounds in the last month.  He started walking back in November and is off and running now.  He loves exploring the environment around him and we had great fun testing out an icy puddle last week.

With the walking has come the sudden ability to climb.  He wants to climb everything and seems to have a sixth sense about open stairgates.  I am happy he is confident climbing up the stairs but we need some training on how to come back down again!

Sebastian isn’t a keen talker.  He burbles a lot and has mastered the art of pointing, however we are making progress.  He has been able to say Dada, Mama, Nana for some time however his new-found love of trains has added the addition of “choo choo” and since then the words are coming thick and fast with what appears to be a new one everyday.  Today’s was “duck” as he loves the CBeebies show Sarah and Duck.

Watching him participate in the activities at Coombe Mill filled me with pride.  He happily stroked animals and even hand fed a goat.  He revelled in being able to run around the farm and takes after his sister for a fascination with mud and puddles.

18 months

Sebastian loves music and loves to dance around with his brothers and sisters.  He has a really strong bond with them all and the look of joy when they walk into the room is infectious.  He is a very loving boy and will just go over and hug them.  He is however, very much a Mummy’s boy and hates it when I leave the room as he doesn’t yet grasp the reliability of me coming back.  If I do have to leave for whatever reason, I normally have to try a stealth exit whilst he is occupied by something else.

I am still breastfeeding and is naturally cutting that down himself.  Sometimes he just has a morning and evening feed but if he is poorly he normally demands more.  My next plan of action is to try to wean him off and getting him to self soothe himself to sleep, in the hope that this will continue overnight and he won’t want to come into bed with us as he does most nights.

As for meals, he now eats what we eat and won’t let anyone help him.  You have to watch him like a hawk as when he is full up whatever is left on his plate gets launched onto the floor, much to Hubby’s frustration and my amusement.  He is Daddy’s boy in the fact that he likes to help clean up though ;0)

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  1. Aw he’s really turning into a little boy now isn’t he? He’s very cute and sounds like a great character – my youngest took a while to talk too, I think it’s harder for those with older siblings who talk for them (at least that’s how it is in my house!)

  2. He really does look like a big boy now! As soon as they hit one, they get so big so fast! I forgot to tell you that the Olaf suit was ASDA – only £10 too I think! He’d look so cute in it!


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