The problem with a January Birthday

Five of my six children have birthdays in the middle of the year and despite me grumbling that it makes for an expensive time of year, it works perfectly for us as there is a nice gap between Christmas and their special day.

Then there is Eliza.

My little Princess was due on the 5th February but decided to arrive two weeks early giving her a January birthday.

I was initially worried about having a winter baby; would she be warm enough; would we be able to go out for walks etc.  Of course it was fine, everything fell into place and she actually got to join in more with summer activities as she was more aware of what was going on around her.

The problem I do have with her having a January birthday is:

  • Paydays are all over the place in January
  • The shops haven’t restocked their shelves and are still in sale mode

I do love a good sale, however, pretty much everything that is decent went before New Years day and you are currently left with all the tat that no other bugger wants.  Toys R Us by their own admission don’t get their first delivery until February.  Even all the discount websites such as seem to only have links to stores winter sales, rather than actual discount codes.

Eliza did get lots of lovely Christmas presents, some of which she has barely had time to touch yet.  Apart from a Snow Glow Elsa doll she has no idea what she actually wants for her birthday either.

I have toyed with the idea of getting her a bike, but she doesn’t seem interested, probably as  Isaac and Kian rarely use their bikes as they are such a pain to get out as we live in a terraced house and they have to carry them through the house if they want to go out.

I thought about taking her on a special day out, but all the good attractions are closed for winter and only re-open for half term.  Options for parties are limited to a village hall with a disco or soft play too.

Do your children have winter birthdays?

How do you overcome these problems?

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