RAVPower for the Smartest and Fastest Portable Charger

My old iPhone 5 was the bane of my life.  The battery life was pretty much non-existent as a full charge would last less than two hours at the end.  I did have a Mophie charging pack but that also went kaput thanks to a puddle drop so I was on the look out for a new charging pack when I was offered the RAVPower 15000 aAh portable charger –  the smartest and fastest portable charger.

Unlike my previous charging packs this is a battery pack that you can fit in the bottom of your handbag or even in your pocket.  It has 2 USB ports (Max: 2.1A and 2.4A) which means you can charge two devices not only simultaneously, but rapidly and is perfect for taking with you on days out, camping and even to and from the office, leaving you able to keep working on the commute (if you want to).

The two USB ports have iSmart technology to match the input current of your device, i.e. they automatically detect and deliver the correct recommended voltage so your device charges at full speed.  I now have a new iPhone 6 and I have found it actually charges quicker when using this power pack than when I plug it in at the mains!

Rav Power Portavle Charger

I have fully tested the RAVPower lithium-ion battery and I have found it can charge the iPhone 6 over 5 times – charge 6 only took it to 37%, and our iPad twice. The battery pack has over 500 lifetime charging cycles, meaning the RP-PB19 could be used every day for a year and still be as useable as the day you bought it.

The battery pack itself is aesthetically pleasing in a simple black matte, silver trim finish, plus it comes with an all important travel pouch.  Also in the box you will find 2 x USB to Micro USB Cables and a user guide.  All you need to remember is to take your phone charging cable with you.

To prolong my battery life on my new phone I let it run right down to empty rather than boosting it before I head out the door, so this battery pack is a life-saver.  It will definitely be my must have piece of equipment when I go to a blog conference that’s for sure and may save us a fortune at Camp Bestival as we won’t have to pay to charge our phones!

The RAVPower Power Bank is currently on offer for just £23.99 – you would be mad not to get it!

19 thoughts on “RAVPower for the Smartest and Fastest Portable Charger”

  1. That’s amazing value!

    I had the same problem with my five and it turned out it was part of a faulty batch so they replaced it for free when it started to get ridiculous but even though I have the 6 now, I’m always wary just in case so this would be fab x x

  2. I so need one of these. I also run my phone to empty which I think is better for it in the long run but also leaves me running short of battery fairly regularly. This would be ideal.

  3. It’s like reading about my Iphone! I bought 5s year and a half ago and battery drives me crazy. Can’t go until 12 afternoon without it being charged (and I don’t use it at work so from 100% at 6 in the morning to barely 5% before midday it’s a big leap!).
    Had to buy portable charger for it on Amazon that looks like lipstick 🙂


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