The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane

During the weeks before our holiday to Turkey, Isaac was understandably nervous about flying as he had never flown before and despite numerous reassurances that it was nothing to worry about in the run up to our holiday, he looked terrified as we boarded the plane.

The Stewardesses spotted his nerves and kindly took him to meet the pilot in the cockpit before it was time to take our seats and he came away proudly sporting a Pilot sticker and a bit more confident about the flight.  We explained what was happening as the plane took off and he watched fascinated out of the window, until we started to turn.  The feeling and the sight of the ground below him really shook him up, so Daddy did we he does best……….starting making up a story, with everyone taking a turn to add a line.

The story really took his mind off the flight and he soon started to enjoy it and when we came home he was a convert and now cannot wait to fly again.

The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane!

One day, our family went on a plane and Daddy saw lots of monkey’s on the wing as we flew in the air

Sebby saw an elephant on the other wing

Mr Tumble was flying the plane

A Giraffe was on the top of the plane so he could see above the clouds

When the elephant sat down he made the wing go down so all the monkey’s had to jump up and down to make it straight again.

Thomas the Tank Engine rode through the middle of the plane ‘Choo Choo’ and back out the other side to Sodor.

There was also a Gorilla at the front of the plane, guarding Mr Tumble and beating his chest

We looked out of the window and saw Twinkle (our Dragon that lives under our trampoline and blows bubbles instead of fire) flying alongside

And also saw a funny looking cloud that looked like a clown riding a Unicorn

When it was time to land the Giraffe slipped backwards and ended up at the back of the plane with its legs over the sides.

We all had to sing the “Goodbye Song” as we got off the plane.

The story doesn’t make much sense but I love the imaginations of the children and every time the plane turned a certain way we blamed the elephants and the monkey’s and it certainly made the 4 hour flight much more fun!

17 thoughts on “The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane”

  1. It’s strange how different people react to new situations. Looks like you did a great job with the story telling and it was nice of the airline to take kids into the cockpit.

  2. What a lovely story. I wish someone could come up with something to take my mind off flying. I’m terrified!

    I loved the Monkeys and The elephants jumping up and down. That bit is awesome!

  3. Nearly spat my wine out at the prospect of Mr Tumble being involved in air travel. What a brilliant story though and how fantastic to go in to the cockpit. I still want to do that at *ahem* over 40 🙂


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