Project 365 2015 – Week 24

I have to admit it has been a stressful one for me this week.  I am a member of the school PFA and our village has links with the signing of the Magna Carta so we have been organising our biggest summer fayre to date, to coincide with the 800th anniversary which is actually this Monday.

Months of planning and organising finally came to a head this week and it has been full of final preparations for the event that was held on Saturday, but we did do a couple of other things this week too.

Sunday was Open Farm Sunday and we headed off to Pound Farm in Cranborne where we learned all about crops and what they were used to make and got up close and personal with some farm animals.

We also took part in a photo shoot for Field Candy on Monday after school and I cannot wait to see the photos!

Here is our week in pictures:

week 24

158.  Posing on a tractor at Open Farm Sunday

159.  Playing in the field between shots with Field Candy

160.  Watering his flowers

161.  Stopping to take in the view whilst out collecting last minute prizes for the school fayre

162.  Eliza trying on her costume for Saturday

163.  It all got too much for someone

164.  Meeting AFCB legend Steven Fletcher who opened our fayre

8 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Week 24”

  1. you must be knackered Kara! I hope the fayre went well for you – what a feat to complete!
    i forgot that last weekend was the open farm weekend 🙁
    Eliza looks so cute in her costume and Seb is such a big boy now!
    enjoy a more restful day today (maybe!!) x

  2. I took H to a farming show when he wasn’t much older than Sebby. He insisted on having his picture took in front of every tractor. Looks like a lovely outdoor sort of week.


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