A teenage milestone – learning to shave!

When the babies are first born and throughout the first year milestones happen almost every other week, but as they get older things slow down a lot.

Last week the teen finally reached a milestone that we have been trying to persuade him to do over the summer – start shaving.

It sort of crept up on us at first, but the caterpillar above his top lip kept growing, getting darker and more noticeable. We subtly bought him his own razor, having foam and moisturiser for his birthday but he was too scared of cutting himself to attempt it. Finally Hubby bit the bullet and gave him a lesson when all the kids were out the house so there was no one to disturb them.

The teen was visibly shaking with nerves, but he did it – had his first shave and even admitted that it wasn’t that bad and that it felt weird not having hair on his face again.

Here are Hubby’s top tips for getting your teen to start shaving:

  1. Buy all the equipment you need. A decent Razor – we decided upon a Gillette Fusion as it has advanced 5-blade technology that helps reduce pressure for a close, comfortable shave—even on sensitive skin and the comfort guard reduces the risk of him cutting himself too. We were lucky enough to be sent some Rockface goodies to review and Kian has claimed the shaving gel and the after shave balm for his own.
  2. The best time to shave is after taking a warm bath or shower to make sure your skin is hydrated and soft.
  3. Show your son how to wet his face, lather up his shaving gel and apply it. Check the lather on his face so that he learns not to use too much or too little and let him practice this a couple of times.
  4. The best way to demonstrate how to hold a razor is to show him you doing it first, then let him hold his own razor in his dominate hand and make sure the razor is at the correct angle before applying light pressure and following the direction his hair grows as he moves the razor down. Don’t press too hard on the skin otherwise you may cut yourself.
  5. Shave for approximately half an inch, rinse the razor and repeat until the entire face is finished. Don’t rush!
  6. Apply a post shave balm or moisturiser to help prevent any irritation
  7. Shaving will only need to be done a couple of times a week at first, but as the whiskers thicken it will need to be done more often
  8. Mum’s Tip –  show your teenage son how to wipe up the hair and rinse the sink clean after he is done!!!!!!

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14 thoughts on “A teenage milestone – learning to shave!”

  1. Great tips for boys who are starting to get fuzzy! My son has been shaving for quite a few years now, I think he was around 12/13 for his first shave – he’s a hairy one, my boy!

  2. Oh my! I can’t even imagine having to sit my boy and explain shaving and although it’s a long way off for me, it titally makes my head spin. Great advice from dad…I probably need to save this! x

  3. Oh this is great Kara and what a milestone! Really great tips too. It must be so weird going through this transition! Great to see you at the weekend, hope you’ve caught up on sleep a little! x


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