Introducing the shameless and completely outrageous Og on the Bog

Pssst… this one’s all set to make a very big noise!

The brilliant new electronic Og on the Bog game from Drumond Park (rrp £22.99, age 5+, for 2-4 players) is truly hilarious. As ‘tongue-in-cheek’ as it gets, it takes revolting games to completely new heights with its own outrageous brand of gross and disgusting toilet humour.

The aim of the game is to steal as many loo rolls as possible before Og lets rip with a humungous FART and blows his Bog to bits…

The players are a group of adventurous children setting out to steal the loo rolls and leave Og in a right pickle. As they lurk around the bog where the shouting and grunting (yes, really!) Og is sitting, they take a turn on the spinner to see whether they can sneak a loo roll off the gnarled stick outside. But if they falter with unsteady hands, they’ll likely disturb Og who’ll fart loudly (and yes, we mean loudly!) and scare them away! It’s uproarious fun!


As play proceeds, the anticipation and excitement build – and the hilarity ramps up to new levels as Og’s showstopper comes ever closer… The first player to collect three loo rolls has beaten Og – and is the worthy winner.

Designed completely in-house and unique to the UK games market, the concept behind Og on the Bog is simple but is proving to be hugely appealing to a vast range of youngsters – including girls and boys right up to 11 and beyond, who just never seem to grow out of the timeless appeal of shameless lavatorial larks!

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To celebrate the launch of this hilarious game, Drumond Park have offered me Og on the Bog to giveaway to one lucky reader.

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211 thoughts on “Introducing the shameless and completely outrageous Og on the Bog”

  1. My grandchildren,like all little ones they dissolve into fits of giggles about bodily functions.Of course I would have to pretend to be shocked as they will find this hilarious x

  2. My little fella has just started potty training at the moment so not sure if playing this will be a help or a hinderance 😉 ?

  3. I think it’d be a family Christmas present, but before that, I’d love to have a play with it with my partner, it looks like the sort of game we’d laugh ourselves silly to!

  4. We would play this as a family. Good swampy toilety fun 🙂 The children would love it (I mean my wife and I ) and so would our real children!

  5. We love playing games in our house and regularly play board games , that’s me , hubby and our 2 girls great fun this one looks great fun I’m sure we would enjoy playing it


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