How much luggage to you take when travelling with kids?

We are a family of six, so when we are travelling not only is space a premium in our car but we also have to be aware of how much we pack.

Experience has taught me not to pack everything but the kitchen sink, but I always take an extra few nappies and a changes of clothes for those little emergencies, especially for the little ones but I am not the sort of person who needs a change of clothes and shoes for everyday, I tend to take a mix and match capsule wardrobe. Always pack some travel detergent for those just in case incidents, although some hotels do have laundry facilities if you need them.

On our recent holiday to Turkey we managed with two large suitcases which were almost at the top weight of our baggage allowance as they contained the extra’s you need when travelling with a baby, plus the three little ones had a trunki each which help all their clothes for a weeks holiday as they can use them as sit and ride toys whilst you wait plus they are small enough to class as hand luggage.

Do check an online baggage allowance finder to check the size and weight of your baggage before you travel – you don’t want any nasty surprises and check if your hotel supplies toys for the children as taking a few bits to keep them entertained can really add to the weight of your luggage.

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6 thoughts on “How much luggage to you take when travelling with kids?”

  1. I take less and less these days.

    Like you I take clothes that mix and match and I don’t take everything that I used to but then again, it’s easier with older children isn’t it? I remember the nightmare that was packing when my two were younger x

    • My 5 year old daughter hates trunkis! We are a family of 5 so we are allowed to bring 2 lots of hand luggage and 2 lots of claim baggage suitcases each. I have the exception of bringing 3 hand luggage because I have to carry my perfume, 3 bottles of suncream, first aid kit, swimsuits, my 5 year olds medication as she has asthma and diabites, her comforters, 2 pillows for me and my daughter as the hotel sleeps 5 but 2 people have to bring there own pillows and we travel all inclusive so our bags are not as heavy as a non all inclusive holiday and the maximum weight for hand baggage is 35kg outbound and 25kg inbound. We only put mine and my daughter`s hand luggage in the boot and the other 6 peices of hand luggage in the very back of the car but not the boot. Me, my 5 year old daughter, my 15 year old son, my husband and my nan live at home and all go on holiday together. We go to Lanzarote in summer for 3 weeks and Scotland in winter for the weekend, Isle of wight in spring for 2 weeks and india in the autaum for 2 weeks.


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