Oral Health Advice for the Family

We all like to see people with nice smiles and shiny white teeth but to get that sort of look you need to take good care of your teeth. It will take some time and effort, but you and your family can have great looking teeth. Here are some tips for you and your family to help keep those pearly whites in tip top condition, for life!

Get them Brushing Early

As a parent, the best thing that you can do for your child is to get them into brushing their teeth from an early age. As soon as your child’s first tooth starts to pop out, you should get a soft toothbrush and baby toothpaste. Your child will soon become accustomed to brushing regularly, and if they are still teething, they will most likely also enjoy giving the brush a few chews.

Eat Healthily

Not only is eating too much bad food bad for our waistline, but it can also be bad for our teeth. So it is important that you eat a healthy balanced diet, which will ensure that your body has everything that it needs to keep your teeth strong. You should also avoid sugary foods and drinks, as these are very bad for your teeth and promote tooth decay.

Daily Brushing and Flossing

As a minimum, you should brush your teeth twice a day, but we should encourage children to brush their teeth after every meal, especially if they still have their baby teeth. It is also good for adult teeth, but many people do not have the time in the daily schedules to brush after every meal. It is important to make sure that you brush your teeth before going to bed, to ensure that any food particles and dirt are cleaned. Otherwise, these can lead to enamel erosion, tooth decay and the need to dental implants Cornwall at a later date.

The Right Amount of Fluoride

A big breakthrough in oral care was with the discovery that fluoride strengthens tooth enamel. The right amount of fluoride in your diet will help to prevent cavities in your teeth. However, using too much fluoride will cause white spots on your teeth. Before you or your family use fluoride, always make sure that you consult a specialist and get their recommendation. A dental clinic such as Face Value Dental will be able to tell you what is going to be best so that you do not take too much fluoride.

Rinse or Chew Gum

If you cannot brush your teeth after every meal, then one thing you can do is to rinse your mouth out with water, or chew gum. Both of these methods will help to ensure that your mouth is a bit cleaner until you can get your toothbrush.

Avoid Foods that Stain and Smoking

Our teeth go through a lot of punishment, and many of the things that we love such as red wine or coffee can affect the colour of our teeth. Smoking will also stain your teeth. So for those nice shiny white teeth, you will need to avoid all of these things.

See your Dentist and Dental Hygienist Regularly

A very important way for you to also look after your teeth is to see the dentist regularly, at least every six months. A visit to the dental hygienist does not have to wait for a visit to the dentist, and you could even go on a monthly basis if you wanted to, and you can afford it! Take good care of your teeth and you will have them for life, and you will have a 100% natural smile.

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5 thoughts on “Oral Health Advice for the Family”

  1. Great Blog! Dental hygiene the practice of keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy, as by regular brushing and flossing and preventive dental care. Thanks for sharing this post its really helpful.

  2. Everyone wants to smile with confidence so that people know them with their smile, this makes people more vigilant about their oral care. It is important that oral hygiene is done regularly to maintain your perfect smile. Practicing basic oral care on a daily basis is not difficult. Proper practice of poor oral hygiene affects not only the teeth but also the gums. Some essential tips to smile confidently with proper oral care are brushes and floss daily,
    check your diet, visit the dentist regularly, buy dental kits.

  3. While it’s still possible that emergencies can arise, they can be reduced by getting your teeth regularly checked. It’s never fun to have cavities filled or wisdom teeth removed, but it will be even less fun if you have to live in pain for a while before you get in to get the problem corrected.


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