Waking Sleeping Beauty

Mornings used to be so organised in our household. It was easy to make sure everything was done and organised when I was up so early with Sebastian and even the teen was good at getting himself out of bed.

Things seem to have changed drastically since the start of this school year. I am still up early and 99% of the time and really organised, lunches are made, kids are dressed and fed but we have hit a few problems.

Eliza is also at school now and consistently loses shoes somewhere in the house. Of course we only realise this when it is time to walk out the door and then spend the ten minutes searching the house to see where she left them. We have found them in the garden, on the trampoline, behind her bed and under the sofa before now.

She isn’t really the issue though, I expect problems with the younger ones, after all she is only four. My issue is now with the teen.

Callan was our nightmare teen – nothing would get him out of bed in the morning although ironically now he starts work at 4am and has no problem with that. Kian has always been able to get himself out of bed…………….until now and it is driving me insane.

Just this morning I went upstairs to wake him up. I opened the curtains and told him the time and he started moving. I thought I was winning the battle this morning but he literally got out of bed, turned around and got back in again!!

We have also had the “my alarm didn’t go off” excuse when in fact his alarm had been going off constantly since 6.45am and had woken every other member of the household up.

Since half term I have been going upstairs every 10 minutes to remind him to get up, but he just makes the right noises and as soon as I am gone he is back asleep. I thought I heard him getting ready on Monday, but it was actually noise from next door and ended up shouting at him to move as he had 15 minutes to get to school (it is a 20 minute from our house).

We moved his bedtime later in the summer, from 9.30 to 10pm and we are very strict with that on school days. He switches his console / computer off at 9.30pm so he gets half an hour of downtime before bed although he will reach straight for his phone given half a chance although we do insist that it stays downstairs when he goes to bed.

He doesn’t eat late, exercises, doesn’t drink caffeine and has a comfy bed so I am at a loss to why he is so tired.

Early wake-ups with babies and toddlers are tough, waking teens and getting them to school on time is equally as problematic.

Do you have any great tips for waking these sleeping beauties?

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12 thoughts on “Waking Sleeping Beauty”

  1. I love my bed and would be of no hope with this situation, my mum used to have the most annoying alarm clocks which she would move when coming to bed so they were the opposite side of the room, so to turn it off, we would have to get it x

  2. It’s really difficult for teens as their body clock changes and they really need to sleep in in the mornings! I let my daughter sleep as long as she likes at the weekend so that she can catch up on her sleep – she gets up at 6.30 during the week.

  3. I do think it is a teenage thing, most likely to do with their changing hormones and all. I would say try getting the window open or put music really loud in his room but I am not sure these would be very efficient methods after all. He will most likely grow out of it in a couple of years.xx

  4. Its crazy right, when they’re little and getting you up at all hours you just want them to go back to sleep, then this happens!
    I second the opening of windows (and maybe running off with the duvet!)

  5. I wish I had some advice and I wish I had that problem ( I’m sure I won’t when I’m there!) but for now the problem for me is being woken up too early by my 8 year old. He goes to bed late as well….nothing works to keep him sleeping in just a little bit. So frustrating!!


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