8 ways to get back into work having raised a family

Returning to work after having children is a big decision and there’s a lot to think about with so many other responsibilities to consider. If you’ve been out of practice for a number of years, it’s likely you’re going to feel anxious. Below are some ways in which you can get back into work quickly and make the transition as easy as possible:

Revamp your CV

If your CV hasn’t been touched for years, it’s going to need a revamp. The basic format and rules of a CV are likely to have changed since your last application so make sure you allocate some time to making it the best it can be. NetMums has a great guide for CV writing.

Contact the organisation direct

If you’re keen to work for an organisation, contact them directly via email or telephone. Just because they’re not advertising for call centre jobs in Manchester, for example, it doesn’t mean they don’t have anything available, and if you impress them, you never know what they may offer. Preparing a good covering letter is important when going directly so make sure this is top notch.

Acknowledge your skills

Raising a family develops your people skills, problem solving skills and of course, your ability to multi-task! Not to mention your time management will be unlike no job you’ve ever had! Acknowledge these skills upon interview and approach every job with a positive attitude.

Try networking/social groups

Whether it’s online or joining a social group, getting yourself out there is a good way of increasing your network and spreading the word about your skills.

Use social media

Using social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be an effective way to scour the internet for jobs. Follow businesses that you’re interested in and keep an eye on job postings. Update your LinkedIn profile with all your key skills so you can easily be found by recruiters and ask previous employers/colleagues for recommendations. According to City AM, research suggests that as many as 230m people could find jobs more quickly on LinkedIn.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

Everybody knows somebody and chances are, there are probably three or four jobs that would be appropriate for you right under your nose. Make a list of everyone you know who works and get back in touch with old colleagues. Meet as many people as you can for a coffee or lunch and see if they can put you in touch with anyone. It may take a while but don’t give up.

Use an agency

Recruitment agencies do the time consuming searching on your behalf so it’s worth signing up to a couple. Agencies can specialise in temporary or permanent work or even specific sectors so do some research and you may just find a job quicker than you think.

Consider freelancing

It’s not for everyone as the job security isn’t always available, however freelancing is a great way to use your skills, increase your network and earn income, especially if you’re not ready to go back into full time work just yet. If you have skills that allow you to work from home and set up your own services, go for it!

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