Sweets from around the world!

We probably all have those same sweets we can’t help but reach for every time we go in our local shop. Our favourite sweets are often either a treat that we allow ourselves to have every now and again, or we indulge in them whenever we can get our hands on them!

Sweets are great to enjoy by ourselves curled up in front of the television, or even as a gift if you know their favourites! Our shops are always stocked high with sweets and chocolate that always catch our eye, even if you don’t want them to.

But what about the rest of the world? We sometimes forget that not everyone snacks on the same confectionery as ourselves, with countries from all over the world having their own signature sweets and other treats. These varying cuisines have produced a whole range of sweets and chocolate that you’ve probably never heard of!


The Finnish have a particular favourite sweet for when they want to treat themselves, known as Marianne. These candies are chocolate-filled mint flavoured sweets, with a peppermint shell for that extra touch! If they take your fancy, you could probably find them online if you looked enough.

Marianne Sweets
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Austria celebrates one of its most famous residents of times gone by with Mozartkugel sweets. These sweets to remember Wolfgang Mozart are small balls of marzipan, nougat and covered in chocolate before being sealed with a picture of Mozart himself on the wrapping.

Mozartkugel sweets
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These particular sweets originated from Basel in Switzerland and are normally produced and eaten in autumn, making them a particularly special treat! They are sugar candies filled with creamy hazelnut praline; the perfect comfort food that are also fun to look at with their brightly coloured outer shell.


China produce lots of cuisine that we love here in the UK and have adopted into a favourite takeaway choice. However, their sweets look just as good! Haw flakes are made from Chinese hawthorn fruit, which are then shaped into a flat, round shape. Dark pink in colour, they have a bit of a tangy taste to them.


Japan’s Rich Strawberry Chocolate Bar is great for fruit lovers; or if you just want to feel like you’re eating something a tad healthier than your average chocolate bar! Made from strawberry pulp with real pieces of strawberry.


In Russia there are many dishes and treats that we have probably never heard of but there are certain delicacies that you might be envious of! Korovka is a rectangular prism made from condensed milk. It is a popular recipe of other Eastern European countries too, but in Russian it means ‘little cow’. The classic recipe includes cream, condensed milk, sugar, butter and vanilla, and is a soft and slow melting candy.

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Middle East & Surrounding Area

This sweet is a particular favourite among countries such as Egypt as well as India, Pakistan and Nepal. Known as Jalebi, or Zulbia, these sweets are particularly popular during Ramadan and Diwali. Made by deep-frying a wheat flavour batter in a circular, pretzel shape, it is then soaked in sugar syrup. They can be served either warm or cold!

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Of course, we all have our favourites and if you are lucky enough to visit any of these destinations, maybe you’ll find a new favourite sweet! However, if you’re more looking for Retro Sweets of times gone by, you’ll more than likely find a huge variety right here in the UK!

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