This Valentine’s Day Bratz is Celebrating Best Friends #BratzBFF

This month Bratz is celebrating Valentine’s Day by reminding their BFFs how great they are and why they deserve a fabulous Valentine’s gift.

The Bratz girls – Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, Sasha and Raya – love each of their best friends for all their quirky and individual qualities. The five besties bounce off each other’s personalities with Raya being the clown of the group, Sasha taking on the big sister role and Cloe keeping the girls giggling all day long.

We were invited to take part in the #BratzBFF campaign and Eliza was sent two Bratz dolls from the #SelfieSnaps range, one for her and one for a friend to open and a Bratz Valentine’s Day card for each child to fill out before exchanging gifts.

They couldn’t wait to open their pretty pink packages and see what was inside.


Inside they found a Bratz Doll each from the new #SelfieSnaps range, Eliza got Cloe and Olivia received Yasmin.

Sasha’s new #SelfieSnaps™ style features oversized emojis – no better way to stand out in a crowd! Raya™ and her quirky personality join the crew in this season’s #SelfieSnaps™ collection. Yasmin’s new fashion is all about the happy face and her favourite emoji: the peace sign. #Namaste Cloe’s new #SelfieSnaps™ fashion is inspired by hashtags & happy faces – positively trending!

Both girls adored their dolls and love the accessories that came with them, especially the sunglasses and role playing with them for ages. The dolls both came with earrings too which even I found tricky to put on, although we did get there in the end.

They opened their presents last week and Olivia brings hers back with her every time she comes to my house so they can continue playing which is really lovely to see.

The new Bratz #SelfieSnaps are a real hit with these two!

#SelfieSnaps collection is available at all major toy retailers and grocers, RRP £16.99


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  1. Oh my goodness I can not believe bratz is still around, I used to play with these with my sister a few years back. How awesome for the girls to celebrate Valentine’s Day with bratz


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