Various Kinds of Massage Chair a Mum Can Enjoy

After a hard day, we all wish we were celebrities who can pamper themselves with a spa and massage whenever they like. That’s beyond most of us, but it’s possible to enjoy a massage at will with an affordable massage chair. It not only strokes away the tension and stress, it can also significantly benefit your general health.

What Are Massage Chairs?

Massage have been used as far back as history goes, and over the past few decades this has been combined with modern technology to create chairs offering automated massage. It’s been a gradual development — back in 2002, the Telegraph’s report highlighted drawbacks as well as benefits, but the technology has changed beyond recognition since then.

Massage Chair

Massage chairs are everywhere today. The BBC reported a few months ago that workers in Seoul are taking advantage of relaxation parlours featuring massage chairs during their lunch breaks. They’re also recommended for a range of specific health benefits. Huffington Post highlighted how they can help expectant mothers, although more sophisticated models have come on the market in the three years since this article.

If you want your very own massage chair from Human Touch®, they can help with a wide range, from simple to deluxe models.

Massage Chair

Some Leading Models:

  • If you want a basic, affordable massage chair, the Alpha Techo AT-90 can relax and de-stress you at the end of a hard day, allowing you to approach life with extra energy and enthusiasm.
  • Taking advantage of NASA’s zero-gravity research, the BackSaver Zero Gravity Massage Chair can benefit your blood pressure and spinal health, as well as regulating your sleep pattern.
  • If you’re looking for relief from stress, sore muscles and back pain, the Human Touch ThermoStretch™ HT-275 offers a head-to-toe massage at 마사지 that combines stretching techniques with heat treatment.
  • For a more high-end chair that offers a broad range of massage techniques, the Inada FED-500 is programmed for everything from rhythmic acupressure to shiatsu, which can be customised manually.
  • A new generation of chairs is represented by the Panasonic EP-MA59 Reclining Massage Chair, which features both ergonomic and relaxation functions, with its comprehensive suite of massage techniques controlled either automatically or by voice.

Prices range from the easily affordable for the more basic models to a price at the top of the range that’s still probably less than a week in Spa for local Chelsea mums. It’s a major investment, but one that could pay off with significantly increased health and energy.

All the family can benefit from a massage chair — but they’ll have to get you out of it first.

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  1. It’s not so unrealistic to have a little spa at home – the massage chair is a good place to start, then add a fluffy bathrobe and towel (not expensive), something for your feet (foot massager/spa), replace your shower head with something a bit fancy (fifty quid!).


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