2 Months!

2 months is the length of time it took Sebby to fully potty train.

After issues potty training Isaac I had envisioned this journey taking a lot longer. Some children toilet train in a much shorter time, others take longer – there is no hard and fast rule but I am impressed at just how far we have come in such a short space of time.

In fact it just took 3 weeks to master a wee on the potty but poo’s took a bit longer. Looking back at my six week update, Sebby had managed two days of a poo on the potty and things were looking hopeful.

We had a few days of him asking for a poo, only for him to sit on the potty and nothing…….ask again 5 minutes later and nothing…….and again 5 minutes later and “Voila!”, I think he was getting to know the feeling that he needed to go.

We were due to go on a cruise just 7 days after my last update and Sebastian had a target of being fully potty trained by that date as he would not have been allowed to swim in the pool if he was still wearing his pull-ups. Thankfully, my swimming loving boy, took on that challenge and I can happily say that he mastered it just in time.


In fact, Sebby has been a star. We survived long car journey’s, coach trips and the aeroplane without a single accident plus I forgot his potty and he had to use the toilet like a big boy. Thankfully he really likes to flush them so going to the toilet was a fun and exciting thing for him to do.

My little boy is all grown up now; he wears big boys pants, uses the toilet, is dry at night, has just started Nursery and has even moved from a cot bed into bunk beds with his sister.

What made our potty training journey successful?

We followed the 6 steps to potty success with Child Psychologist and Mum of
four Dr. Heather Wittenberg:

  • Sebastian was ready. We attempted potty training back at Easter but he was not interested and would not even entertain sitting on a potty. Fast forward to June and it was a different story.
  • We said “Goodbye” to nappies. I truly think this is where I went wrong before with my others as they still wore nappies at night and it confused them. This time we wore Huggies® Pull-Ups® day and night which give the feeling of being wet initially, but still protected against accidents. Learning the difference between wet and dry really helped with this.
  • We practiced……… a lot! Potty training may seem like one skill, but it actually combines many complex tasks, from being aware of the need to go, to pulling down clothing, to controlling muscles, to remembering to wash our hands.
  • We had a sticker chart! Sebastian loved earning his stickers and then choosing a toy when he had filled up his chart. It may have cost me a small fortune but it is worth it.
  • We consistently support and motivate your Sebby to go to the toilet and it has worked in building his confidence in becoming a big kid like his siblings. In fact he very proudly tells them when he has had a poo and what shape it is – it has become a game.

Potty training isn’t easy, we have had very frustrating moments but strap in, hold on, fix that smile…….it will soon be over!

If you are about to potty train your child, head over to pottytraining.co.uk for specialist advice and hints and tips to help you and your little one on this new adventure.

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  1. What a relief it’s finally finished for you and well done Sebby! I found patience and consistency worked for my two. Being dry at night is a big bonus as well as often that is something beyond a child’s control.

  2. I am sure the ‘being ready’ part is the most important, pushing the issue is obviously not going to go well even as adults if we feel pushed into something we shirk away x


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