Growing Up!

When the kids are with you day in, day out, sometimes it is hard to see all the little changes in them.

These changes sort of creep up on you and then suddenly slap you in the face and you realise that they are suddenly more mature and are growing up before your eyes.

This has just happened to me with Sebby, my youngest and the baby of the family who is morphing into a “big boy” at an alarming rate.

Sebby’s speech was delayed and despite worries from the Health Visitor I knew that the poor boy just struggled to get a word in edgeways at home. I was right and even before the summer holidays he was coming on leaps and bounds but now you cannot shut him up and he can talk the hind legs off a donkey…….when he wants to that is.

We have just finished our potty training journey and it was surprisingly pain-free and he is successfully dry at night too, which leads us on to the next milestone.

Sebastian is now in a big boy bed!

Sebby’s toddler bed was making him unsettled. I am not sure if it was the mattress not supporting him or he was banging his head / hands as he slept but he always ended up in bed with us or Kian so we decided to buy him and Eliza some bunk beds.

After trawling several websites we finally decided on the Myles Bunk Beds from Wayfair which has shelving built into the back for the kids to store their favourite toys. It arrived within two days and took Hubby 5 hours to build, but it is strong, sturdy and the kids adore it.


I took Sebby to choose the duvet set he wanted and he chose a Paw Patrol set along with a Marshall cushion from Asda. I also found a fantastic 10.5 tog Single Bed Set from Silentnight for just £28.99 which comes complete with everything needed for Sebby’s new bed including a washable duvet, pillow and mattress protector.

silentnight bed set

Sebby loves his new bed as Daddy has installed a nightlight underneath it so he can play quietly without disturbing his sister.

It really has been a summer of changes for Sebastian with the final challenge of starting Nursery School. He attends 9-12 everyday as he now gets 15 hours of funding and loves it. He bounds into school full of confidence and I couldn’t be prouder!


My baby isn’t a baby or even a toddler anymore. As Sebastian says “I am a big boy now!”

8 thoughts on “Growing Up!”

  1. Hello Kara,

    You are absolutely right that when kids are with us, we can’t see the little changes in them.
    I would to say my experience to you, I have my cousin brother who was in the age of about 2 and that time, I had left my home for higher study. Three years later, when I got home and saw him, Oh my god I got surprised! He had greatly increased. It really happens to everyone that we can’t realize the changes near our life and specially in kids.

    This post was full of fun and enjoy and I enjoyed lot reading this. Thanks for highlighting your wonderful experience with us. I highly agree with you. Kids are looking so cute and I guess they are in school uniform in images.

    With regards.
    – Ravi.

  2. I really love those bunk beds and especially the shelves at the back, suck a great idea, especially for the top bunk and not having to get downstairs for a forgotten toy.


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