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Autumn is the time for pulling on your wellies and heading out to the countryside but did you know that it is also the height of tick season?

Ticks can be a danger to both you and your pet so it’s important to be vigilant in preventing and treating; ticks can carry Lyme disease which, if left untreated, can cause serious health issues.

Recent research from Bristol University has shown that ticks are on the rise and, out of 15,000 dogs surveyed, 1 in 3 dogs were found to have a tick. Unfortunately, only one in ten people are aware that the best time to check for ticks is after a walk. 54.1% of dogs are brushed inside (with nearly a fifth – 18.5% – in the lounge, in front of the TV!), so any dirt and pests like ticks will drop off inside – putting the family at risk!

Bob Martin is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a walking bundle to help protect and treat their pets and families this autumn.  The pack includes a selection of Bob Martin tick products, a pair of wellies, a walking kit and a Fluff & Spruce Slicka Brush for those important tick checks.

Top tips for protecting your pet from ticks

  • Use Bob Martin spot on regularly to repel ticks, particularly in tick season (throughout summer and autumn). Follow reapplication guidance.
  • When going out for a walk, keep Bob Martin Flea and Tick spray in the car and give your dog a quick spray before walking.
  • When walking, stick to footpaths as much as possible, avoid long grass and be aware in wooded areas.
  • After the walk, give your dog a good brush before getting into the car so any loose ticks are knocked off.  Focus on the underbelly, around ears and jaw.
  • If you do spot a tick on your dog, use Bob Martin’s tick remover as quickly as possible to remove it safely.

Top tips for protecting your family

  • Long trousers and sleeves will deter ticks from attaching and try light coloured clothing on walks so you can easily see any ticks you may have picked up.
  • Beware – ticks can get picked up on picnic blankets, so give them a good shake.
  • After the walk, give yourself and your family a quick check – particularly around the armpits, groin and belly button.
  • If you do discover an attached tick that has been feeding and has swollen in size, remove it quickly and safely with a tick remover and go to your GP for a test.

 Prize Bundle

  • Bob Martin Clear Pesticide Flea Spray for Pet and Home: £9.95
  • Bob Martin Tick Remover: £8.24
  • Bob Martin Clear Pesticide Free Spot On for dogs up to 40kg: £9.16
  • Bob Martin Fluff & Spruce Slicka Brush: £6
  • Bob Martin Spring Aloe Vera Rub Downs: £4.60
  • A pair of Asos wellies: £20
  • Tanluhu Outdoor Trekking Waist Bag: £9.99
  • Mountain Warehouse Bottle Walking Kit (inc. 800ml water bottle, disposable poncho, pen knife with scissors, nail file & clipper, expandable travel cloth, 3in1 survival whistle, compass & thermometer, flint lighter, 9 LED torch, karabiner): £9.99 – Prize value total: £77.93

Bob Martin also offer a free ask the vet service for all your pet related questions.

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