Turbospoke – turning your bike into a Motorbike!

Turbospoke is the award-winning motorcycle style exhaust system that fits any type of bicycle.

Turbospoke not only makes your childs bike look like a real motorbike, it actually converts pedal power into making engine sounds.

You can fit the Turbospoke to either side of the bike, which also means if you want to be really noisy you can even have two!!

Isaac could not wait to get this fitted to his bike and although the instructions said it would take 60 seconds, it took a lot longer.


Isaac has a BMX style bike with stunt pegs on the back and these had to be removed before the Turbospoke would fit. It still took a good 15 minutes to fit and then another 10 minutes for Isaac to decorate with the stickers provided.


Once on though, Isaac could not wait to get going.

The Turbospoke encourages kids to get outside and play. It is entirely pedal powered which means no batteries and the harder you pedal, the louder the sounds gets. I remember having beads on the spokes on my bike as a child which made a noise – this comes with cards that rub against the spokes to make an engine-like noise.

I have to say that I thought each card sounded the same, but Isaac seemed to think they sounded different and who am I to argue.

Turbospoke is available at Smyths Toy Store priced at £14.99


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