Swimming Fun with the Kids

It has been a while since I did a swimming update for Sebastian.

Back in September he moved up a level with his toddler swimming group with Turtle Tots and now swims without me helping him.

I fully expected another bout of the water wobbles but he has taken to it like a duck to water. No grumbles that I am not in the pool and he adores his new teacher!

He swims with his friend Laila who has attended swimming lessons with him since they were both three months old and they have a lovely bond – encouraging each other to swim and splashing each other if they get a chance.

At the start of his lessons in September, Sebby was reliant on his new tropical fish marble Swimfin, which he said made him look like Nemo, to keep him afloat, but as the lessons have progressed he is using it less and less. In fact, he now swims around 3 metres without it, back to the safety of the side.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a short break to Lyme Regis and the holiday cottage we stayed in had a swimming pool for us to enjoy.


We had the pool to ourselves and the confidence in Sebby as a little swimmer was amazing. He wore his swimfin but was leaping into the water without a care in the world, riding on Daddys’ back and chasing some swimfin funky floaties that we had been sent to test.


The Funky Floaties are made of soft stretchy neoprene fabric and are UV and water-resistant. They are great for pool play as they encourage your child to put their face in the water, splash and retrieve the animals.


We were also sent some Dinky Divers for Isaac and Eliza which are a set of 4 bright and distinctive dive sticks: a shark, hippo, seal and seahorse. Dinky Divers are made of friendly PVC material and are fun and colourful and each sinks to the bottom of the pool and remain standing upright which helps children to build confidence underwater as well as aiding in learning to dive and retrieving objects.

The Funky Floaties and Dinky Divers come in a draw-string mesh bag which allows for easy transport to and from the pool.

The kids adore all the toys and we had so much fun playing with them that we were in the pool for over 2 hours – they would have stayed in longer too.

I love that my kids are all confident swimmers and am glad that I have invested in swimming lessons for them all……….it has paid off too as Isaac has swimming trials for our local swimming club this month too!




20 thoughts on “Swimming Fun with the Kids”

  1. Such a fantastic skill to learn. My son attends swimming lessons just now, which he started in June, and after 6 months he is a different little boy in the water. Full of confidence. I have always loved being in the water, so relaxing and a great work out too. We have put our daughter down for lessons but there is a year long waiting list!

  2. I think it is great that your kids are so water confident. it is a super life skill to have. I took my boys swimming weekly till they were 8. Both have such confidence, much more than I ever had

  3. I honestly think every child should learn to swim Sadly not all children are able to take private lessons and I think it tragic school are cutting lessons because of budgets

  4. My two girls love going swimming, we go every Saturday when we go to see nanny. About a month ago they both jumped in for the first time and were so pleased with themselves. Youngest makes me laugh though she jumps in then once I’ve grabbed her she says ‘did I do it’

  5. He looks like he’s doing really well. I can’t wait for Eva to start swimming lessons when she’s 4 (they won’t let them do it earlier anywhere near us). So annoying as she had lessons while we were in Australia x

  6. He looks so confident in the water. The fins are so great! We are yet to take Evie swimming properly. We missed our chance when she was a very little baby and now she’s terrified of putting her head under the water or getting her hair wet. Maybe a fin is the answer. x

  7. SO scary. You make really great points. I was always nervous at pool parties, especially if there was a diving board. Just writing that now makes me still cringe…


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