Everyone can play it, anyone can make it with Super Mario Maker

There is something about Super Mario games that captures the imagination of young and old and there is a new game in town that has done just that.

Super Mario Maker for the 3DS!

Now you can take millions of Super Mario levels on the go!

From 100 built-in courses designed by Nintendo to millions of the courses created in Super Mario Maker for Wii U, there’s a massive amount of Mario at your fingertips.

Rise to new challenges: each of the 100 courses built by Nintendo in the Super Mario Challenge comes with two medals for completing courses in a specific way. Each requires an increasing amount of skill, from finishing the course with a specific power-up, to collecting every coin, or defeating every enemy in the course.


The best bit about the game – you can build your own courses and this is where it has really captured Kian’s interest. He has been busy building challenges and then getting Isaac to complete them. You can even collaborate on courses by sharing unfinished versions with friends via Local Wireless.

Nintendo 3DS

Creating courses is easy as their are over 20 guided lessons from Yamamura and Machiko. Some Lessons also come with Basic and Advanced variations, allowing you to learn as briefly or as deeply as your creative heart desires.

Nintendo 3DS

Many of the creation tools and items from Super Mario Maker Wii U make their return, while players can also play through millions of courses created by Wii U owners in the 100 Mario Challenge, as well as Recommended Courses in Course World.

If you are stuck for a last minute gift that will keep the kids entertained for hours then you cannot go wrong with this game.

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  1. We’ve got this for Cameron for Christmas for the wii u. He’s been asking for it for a while. I’m so glad they’ve bought it out for the DS. Will look at getting it for him after the new year as it will keep him entertained in the car.


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