Pinypon Tales House Playset Review

Back in March last year I introduced Eliza to Bandai’s range of collectable and customisable dolls – Pinypon.

The Pinypon dolls have really stood the test of time and are one of her favourite toys as the small plastic dolls can be customised with the latest accessories and hair styles giving them a completely unique look every time.

Over the Easter holidays we were sent the Tales House playset to review, the perfect home for all your Fairy Tales Characters.

Pinypon Tales House

The Pinypon Tales House comes needing assembly and I have to admit it is a bit fiddly, so best put together when there is not an excited small person waiting to play with it, however once ready it is full of lovely features.

Inside there is room to play with all the Pinypon fairytale figures. There is a tower for Rapunzel, a kitchen for Cinderella, a bed for Little Red Riding Hood and a carpentry workshop for Geppetto. When the walls of your House are closed you can use the carry handle to take it wherever you go, with all the accessories are stored safely inside.

Pinypon Fairytales

The set comes with a Cinderella figure which comes dressed for cleaning duties with her mop and bucket. Then turn her head and outfit around and she is dressed for the ball! Switch her accessory to a wand and put a crown in her hair. Eliza’s favourite is the Peter Pan set, complete with Tinkerbell and Captain Hook and she wants to collect Mary Poppins next!

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  1. If only they had something like this when I was a little girl – I would have been in my element – literally! Even at 9, I think my daughter would love those little characters – she’d probably try and sneak them to school though to show her friends as they are so cute!


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