Luna Petunia Talking Doll Review

Earlier this year we were invited to join the Netflix Stream Team for 2017/2018 and will be bringing you exclusive news and content before anyone else.

I have already shared a post of what TV shows Hubby and I enjoy watching, but Netflix is not just about us adults and the kids have some favourites too.

One of Eliza’s favourites is Luna Petunia, which follows the adventures of a little girl named Luna Petunia who plays in the fantastical world of Amazia, where her and her friends learns how to make the impossible possible.

I think she loves it because it is inspired by Junior Cirque du Soleil and therefore bright, colourful and full of fun.

We were sent the Talking Luna Petunia Doll from Funrise Toys to review and Eliza was delighted with her as she looks just like she does in the cartoon with bright blue, sparkly hair and her own sense of style.

Luna Petunia

The articulated doll is on the larger side, standing at 35cm tall and wears her signature, brightly coloured outfit.

Luna Petunia

When you push on Luna’s magical necklace, you’ll activate sounds from Amazia and some of her special phrases from the show, such as……..

“Make the impossible, possible today”

“Stop, breathe and believe”

“I Petunia promise”

The description does say that you can brush and style her hair, but I would not recommend taking it out of its style as it quite curly and getting a brush through it pulls out the glitter and ruins the look so I would recommend using the doll for imaginative play and acting out your favourite scenes from the show.

Luna Petunia

Luna has been a big hit with Eliza and her friends over the summer holidays, although all appear to have developed American accents like the doll.

The Luna Petunia Talking Doll is available from Smyths Toys, costs £24.99 and is perfect for any young Luna Petunia fan.

9 thoughts on “Luna Petunia Talking Doll Review”

  1. Netflix is so good for kids’ TV isn’t it?

    The doll looks absolutely amazing. I’ll certainly be looking into picking one up for my friends’ daughter whose birthday is in 2 weeks. Superb timing! Thanks!

  2. I imagine Luna Petunia is going to be a wonderful present for many come Christmas. Love her hair. She’s much bigger than I expected, which is rather good.


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