The problem with learning to drive on public roads!

Teaching your child to learn to drive is a rite of passage for many parents.

With Abbey and Callan we made sure they had a handful of lessons before taking them out to practice in their cars and we have done the same with Kian this time round, even after completing his Admiral Young Driver course..

He bought his first car a couple of weeks ago, lovingly named Minty (by me), because of its lovely pale green colour and after a service, MOT, hours of searching for the best insurance deal and tax it is finally on the road.

Yesterday I took him out for the first time and like anyone driving a new car, it took some getting used to the different biting point and controls that he was used to, but he was soon driving confidently.

At one point or another, we have all been learner drivers so you would think that people would understand and give you a little more time, however there were some road users that really annoyed me. Especially considering that car insurance NY state can be influenced by our driving behavior, it’s surprising that some road users can be so impatient.

L Plate

What is it about an “L” plate that makes them see red?

To the man who decided ignore our priority road sign, drove straight at us making us perform an emergency stop and then proceed to wind his window and swear at us, please go away and read the highway code, we had right of way, not you.

Priority Over Oncoming Vehicles

To the people that insisted on overtaking and then swerving to get in front of him – he was driving safely, at the speed limit. Shame I cannot say the same about you!

The next one is just a general grievance of mine around our roads, or more specifically, roundabouts.

If you are turning right and coming around the roundabout, one of those stalks by the side of your steering wheel operates your indicators. Please use them, we are not psychic!

In fact, just use your indicators if you are turning off, simple.

Tailgating will not make us drive any faster!

But, not all road users behaved badly and to those who sat back at a safe distance and let us out of junctions, thank you.

What is your biggest driving frustration?

25 thoughts on “The problem with learning to drive on public roads!”

  1. Good luck to your son, hope he enjoys his lovely new car, and you don’t get too many grey hairs getting him to test point Kara! 😀 My parents point blank refused to take me out in my first car which was very mean of them, but understandable! 😀 I have to say I have been so shocked at the terrible driving here, I didn’t notice it before we left the UK, but having lived in the land of cars (Germany), they are much better and more considerate drivers than we are…

  2. Good luck to your son on his driving, I’m afraid I’ve yet to learn to drive and I’m 26 years old. I’ve got type 1diabetes which means I would need to be retested every 3 years which has put me off learning a bit/

  3. I couldn’t possibly comment on learning to drive as I’ve never had a lesson! I hope the lessons go well and you son enjoys his driving experience

  4. Gosh learning to drive is such a hard process and costs a lot of money too! It’s nice you spent the time and effort to take your kids out – I remember the arguments that occurred when my parents did this!

  5. People acting like they’re the only people on the roads drive me mad! Use your indicators, look where you’re going, and for heavens sake, put down your phone! I think my advancing years are making me more irritable when it comes to other drivers!

  6. Driving on public roads is really a risk every time. It’s really irritating that some drivers are not responsible enough that others can be affected by the way they drive. I believe that it is very important to teach the good manners is driving. 🙂

  7. In Denmark, where I learnt to drive we don’t have the whole “L” system and I’ve always thought it was a good idea. People need to learn patience, in many areas of life.

  8. Wow….didn’t expect to see this,I thought road rage idiots were completely an American thing!
    But actually these clowns are doing your kids a favor,they are teaching them to drive defensively and never trust what another driver SHOULD do but often doesn’t.

  9. I just don’t know why drivers have to be like that – SO obnoxious! I HATE people who flash you or beep you to pull out at roundabouts, or to drive faster, as if THAT is going to make us speed up!

  10. Argh! Sounds like it’s been pretty frustrating.
    My brother was a driving instructor and taught me to drive. My son passed his test last year and him being on the road fills me with nerves! We learned in the country where’s it quiet, which I feel is probably easier.

  11. People not indicating on roundabouts drives me mad. Its a long time since I was a learner but I can still remember how other drivers treated me whilst I was learning. The L plates definitely bring out the road rage in some people don’t they.

  12. This is the reason why I’m scared to drive on the roads these days. So many people just don’t use their indicators or have no idea where they are going. I make a real effort to be courteous on the road, I wish others would pay the same heed…

  13. Oh my Gosh! You have hit all my pet peeves on the head here! People are so ignorant and lazy, I hate when they don’t indicate the most. Also when you let them through and they fail to acknowledge with even a dip of the head!
    One of my twins passed her test first time, the other is still too stressed to even take a test. She just doesn’t like being on the road at all.

  14. I have to say I am not looking forward to teaching my sons to drive because like you said it is stressful and people seem to have no patience’s these days. I always try and be mindful of learners – we were all there at some point

    Laura x

  15. Oh Kara, this reminds me of my one and only driving lesson with my mum when I was 17. I was the “academic” member of the family so everyone made it clear that I was far too dizzy to learn to drive: “Keep death off the roads!” they said, and my dad kissed the car before we set off. Well, there was a lot of shouting and I didn’t sit behind the wheel again until I had my first job after uni. After lots of professional lessons I passed the test first time and sprang the surprise on my family. I haven’t driven much since then so I won’t be teaching my daughter to drive. I wonder if hypnotherapy would help……


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