Explore and play with BABY born this Spring

Dolls are going through a real resurgence in popularity with Eliza in our house at the moment and she just loves playing Mum.

BABY born invited us to take part in their BABY born sitter campaign, which involved capturing footage of Eliza looking after her new baby boy, Arlo.

I always find it funny seeing children take on a parenting role, changing their baby’s nappy, feeding the baby and just generally following in mum & dads footsteps and Eliza is no exception.

Despite having a younger brother, she really struggled with her first nappy changing experience, with authentic doll sized nappies; took offence to having only pink clothes for her “baby boy” and spent about an hour reading a baby name website to find the perfect name for him!

BABY born is the number two large doll brand in the UK and helps to encourage both nurturing and fantasy role-play with a range of dolls and accessories proven to help develop social skills and values.

The play themes grow along with a child so the sky is the limit for their imagination. With a host of exciting new additions and themes this Spring, including a new range of on-the- go accessories, there are endless opportunities for imaginative play with BABY born.

We were sent the BABY born Interactive Doll for our babysitting task which has nine lifelike functions and eleven accessories to encourage imaginative play. Cute and clever, the doll is fully movable and waterproof, cries real tears, opens and closes his or her eyes, eats and drinks and even controlled wets and poops!

BABY born

BABY born comes with a special birth certificate, friendship bracelets, bottle, dummy and dummy clip, nappy, food, plate and spoon and their own potty and best of all – no batteries required.

Baby born Arlo

Role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development and problem solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real life roles or fictional performances and looking after a doll also helps bring out a caring and empathetic side.

Baby Born carrier

We were also sent the BABY born Carrier Seat which allows you carry BABY born on the front or back with its comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps. Arlo was snugly and securely carried, just like being in an actual baby carrier. With bold colours and duck graphic on the front, it is perfect for family days out or a trip to the shops.

BABY born

Eliza has been learning about babies at school so having Arlo to look after has really helped her understand what babies want and need.

Does your child like looking after their dolls?

12 thoughts on “Explore and play with BABY born this Spring”

  1. I love that she is carrying the baby in a carrier, that is so cute! It is amazing how much children take in day to day and find it amazing how it comes out through their play.

  2. She looks like she’s really enjoying pretending to be a little mommy. So cute! T was so much into dolls last year. She still plays with them occasionally, but it looks like she’s outgrown them which makes me a little bit sad. Not ready for that yet ๐Ÿ™

  3. I definitely agree that role play is such an important part of a child’s development and what better way to help them learn and grow than through interactive play with their Baby Born?

  4. Boys of my boys have dolls and they love to look after and care for them. These Baby Born dolls look great and I love that they come with some many accessories – the sling is just ace

    Laura x


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