An unexpected snow day in Dorset!

It is a running joke in our house that whenever the country gets snow, it never actually reaches us.

The last time we had a proper dusting of snow was in December 2010, when I was heavily pregnant with Eliza and our sledges have been gathering dust in the shed ever since.

Even the initial weather warnings boldy teased us by avoiding our area at every opportunity, so we resigned ourselves to just some colder than normal weather thanks to the ‘beast from the east’.

Weather Warnings

By Wednesday the weather warnings had reached us and when we woke up on Thursday it was snowing lightly, but nothing to worry about so Hubby went to work as normal. The school did message us to say it would be closed, much to Eliza’s disgust as she was looking forward to dressing up for world book day.

Matilda Costume
Can you guess the book character?

I did battle with the shed and managed to wrestle our dusty sledges from its grasp, but there wasn’t really enough snow to get any decent traction – the kids gave it a good go though and they and all their friends were in the park by 9.30am in case the snow didn’t last.

Snow Day

I have to say, I am really grateful that we had all our cold weather kit from Lapland as the wind was freezing and of course we warmed up with a nice hot chocolate treat afterwards.

Hot chocolate

The snow had stopped by now but was forecast again for the afternoon so we made a plan to meet up in the park in the afternoon and this time even Kian and some heavier snow joined us for some fun.

Kian Sledge

The kids then discovered it was great fun throwing snowballs at whomever was coming down the zipline.

Zip Line

Sebby’s aim has definitely got better as the day went on!!


The snow was now falling thick and fast and Hubby made the decision to come home from work early……….the roads were gridlocked with everyone having the same idea and he finally got through the door 4 hours later!!

By the evening the snow had changed from snow to icy rain and when we got out of bed the next morning, it looked like someone had laid a layer of glass over the snow-covered garden and the walls……. they all had an eerie sheen about them.

Ice Wall

Heading outside was interesting as the ice literally cracked beneath our feet – apparently it was like walking on crème brûlée and the kids thought the noise of it was great.

Bogs Boots

We couldn’t resist trying out some fun photo’s and with snowman building proving tricky, we found Olaf instead……


and created an ice palace for Elsa.

Ice palace Elsa

The snow beneath the ice was quite thick, so we headed back to the park with the sledges and found that the ‘extra slip’ definitely added to the fun.

Isaac sledge

Eliza ‘may’ have ended up in the ditch at one point after failing to stop in time (don’t worry, she was fine).

Eliza sledge

Sebby just spent the whole time outside giggling.

Sebby Snow

Having Daddy and Kian out playing too certainly added to the fun as the take off speed was certainly much faster than my attempts.

Sleding fun

Sadly the snow is disappearing fast, but we certainly made the most of it when it came.

Kian Snow

Lets hope it’s not seven years until it next visits!

Have you been out enjoying the snow?

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21 thoughts on “An unexpected snow day in Dorset!”

  1. I thought only us in Liverpool miss the snow every time I see it on the news. We had a day of snow this time though. It’s magical, isn’t it? It seems everybody had an amazing time. Fab.

  2. Aw it looks like you really made the most of it when it came. Ours were bored of the snow on days 3 and 4 but we are now on day 5 and they have been out for hours having a blast!

    PS. how bizarre is your icy wall?? I have never seen anything like that before.

  3. I really wish I was able to experience the snow. Although I was in Berlin and it was freezing cold, there was no sign of snow anywhere! And now I’m back to Spain so it’s not going to happen I guess…


  4. That 2010 snow was really mental, I wouldn’t have minded some like that again this time and I know my girls would have loved the snowball zip wire, well as long as they were throwing the snowballs! Mich x #countrykids

  5. So much fun, although that ice wall looks so odd doesn’t it? We did have a snow day here, even though Cambridge didn’t really get that much snow in comparison, but the roads were dangerous so I was grateful! My Mum got completely snowed in to her little Hampshire village though, they haven’t seen snow like that for about 20 years!

  6. Sounds like you all had such a fabulous time playing in the snow! I hope they do move the World Book Day to a different date otherwise it would be so dissapointing for the kids who want to get dressed up.

  7. The kids clearly loved getting so much snow, we haven’t had proper snow since 2010. It’s great that Kian came out too, my lot were all great friends for a couple of days with the snow bonding them. I love the shot of Sebby throwing a snowball at you, my lot had a snowball fight with me as well, Felix definitely had the aim on the headshots.

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  8. Matilda!
    Genius idea with the malteser bunny in the hot chocolate too, yum! Looks like you really did make the most of your rare snow 🙂

  9. Love your little girls book day costume – Matilda is an awesome choice! Such a classic book & film!
    We’ve had loads of fun out in the snow too, but i’m unashamedly glad it’s melting now! Definitely going to buy some sledges though when my little ones are older!

  10. That hot chocolate looks delicious and it looks like they’ve had a fantastic time out in the snow! I’m glad the snow has cleared here now so we can get back to normal this week!

  11. We got a really light sprinkling of snow that came and went as soon as it arrived. We watched on at the country shaking our heads at all the fun! Your hot chocolate mug looks amazing. I could alway go for something like this! #countrykids

  12. I love the photos with Olaf and Elsa! Glad that you managed to get enough snow to properly enjoy it – looks like the kids had a lot of fun on the sledges. The freezing rain sounds like less fun – walking on creme brulee is a very good description of what it must have been like. #countrykids

  13. The snow was pretty crazy – we also often miss out in the South of Wales but had loads and also enjoyed taking the sledges out. The sheen on the wall from the ice is incredible – bet they loved cracking the ice

    Laura x


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