Urban Iki children’s bicycle seat review

We have been keen to start heading out on family bike rides for a while now, but the cycling bug hasn’t been caught by Sebby yet and he chooses a scooter over a bike anytime.

I have been looking at bike seats, trailers and trail gator’s for a while now and one that really stood out for me was theΒ Urban Iki rear seat which is suitable for children aged 3-6 years.

Urban Iki fuses design from the Netherlands with technology from Japan to bring you a seat that gives you the freedom to get out and explore with your child and the first thing that struck me was how lightweight it is.

Urban IKI

The seat takes some minor assembly before attaching to the bike and I will admit there was some confusion over the instructions. Thankfully there is a handy QR code in the manual which shows you simple assembly videos which are much easier to follow.

Bike Seat

You are provided with all the tools you need to attach the seat to the bike and it’s the bike frame that takes the weight of the seat and your passenger, with the main attachment bolted to the frame under the saddle.

Bike Frame

The seat support then bolts in and sits over the back wheel, to hold the bike seat.

Bike Seat Support

Once the initial parts are attached, it takes no more than 5 minutes to attach the Urban Iki seat. The Click & Go system makes it possible to take the seat on and off in seconds, after opening the safety loc, so it’s easy to remove if you want to go for a ride without taking a passenger along the way.

Urban Iki Rear Seat

The Urban Iki Rear seat has a 5 point-safety belt with a buckle that has been designed for easy use, so you can unbuckle your child with one hand and the foot restraints can be adjusted to fit each individual child.

Rear Bike Seat

The seat come in a variety of colours to choose from and you can mix and match the waterproof seat pad, foot straps and shoulder straps if you want to.

Sebby Urban Iki

I used to cycle a lot with Isaac and Eliza in bike seats as babies / toddlers, but this is the first time Sebby has been in one and he wasn’t convinced at first and proceeded to cling onto the back of my top until he realised he wasn’t going to fall out.

Sebastian Urban Iki

Once he relaxed, he thoroughly enjoyed our bike ride and wanted to race Isaac and Eliza at every opportunity, pretending to be in a Mario Kart race and throwing imaginary shells at them.

Bike Ride with the Kids

We managed a respectable 4 miles for our first bike ride with the kids and I didn’t find the seat and Sebastian too heavy, even when we were cycling off-road.


The bike seat is perfect for us as it is simple to remove when Hubby and I want to go cycling when the kids are at school and because it is a lightweight plastic, it is easy to keep clean.

Urban Iki children's bicycle seat review

I am hoping that going on regular bike rides will not only help us keep fit, but will also encourage Sebby to want to ride his own bike.

Do you go cycling with the family?




25 thoughts on “Urban Iki children’s bicycle seat review”

  1. I love the look of this the design looks really nice – more pleasing on the eye than others so will have to have a look into this as we have been thinking of getting one.

  2. Love that you are encouraging your kids to love the outside, it is so important these days! I hope that you still love the seat πŸ™‚

  3. This looks great, I’ve been trying to persuade my other half to get a bike seat for Luke for his bike. I might point him in the direction of this post! πŸ˜€

  4. Absolutely amazing – it looks like he’s having so much fun. I’d be worried about installing a seat myself, but it looks like a nice design and clearly its working well for you.

  5. Oh we have this too but haven’t yet been able to get it attached to our bike as Im waiting on my new one! I can’t wait to get it to use, it looks perfect for family bike rides!

  6. What a great bike seat! We don’t go riding with each other because it would 1, be meltdown central and 2, live in a massively built up place next to central London otherwise I’m sure we would x

  7. I love that it comes with the QR code to a put together video, and looks like Sebby really enjoyed it after this initial worry. I have been looking into getting a bike as the weather improves and I want to be a little fitter

  8. How great is this.i enjoy Cycling and totally forget about the availability of these seats I usually just use our trailer with our soon but will certainly look into if a seat will be suitable for him

  9. The seat frame looks nice and sturdy, does it give much suspension/flex when going over the rougher ground? Most of the rear suspended seat’s I’ve used give a bit. The bracket looks solid and there’s good protection from the wheel and brakes, good purchase!

  10. I love the color of this bike seat! It looks nice and safe for children! Will definitely buy one for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.


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