A-Level Results are in – what happens next?

Studying at university is a big decision for any young person.

In the last few months we have been on university open days, Kian has made first and second choices, got through exam season, made his accommodation choices and is now on the final few stressful days until the results come in.

What happens next?

A-Level & BTech results day is 16th August at school / college.

You will be able to see online at track.ucas.com whether you have a confirmed place at university from 8am on 16th August.


Congratulations – you are in………time to start deciding what you need to take with you or whether you want to defer your place and take a year out!

But what happens if you miss your grades?

UCAS Clearing

If you miss out on your grades and are not offered a place at your first or second choice university, then you can apply for your course via the clearing process.

The evening before A-Level results day (15th August) universities will publish their course vacancies in the national media and online.

Come A-Level results day, if you have no confirmed place at your first or second choice university, students will need to contact universities directly within a week (often via a clearing helpline) to confirm vacancies and see if they will consider an application from them. TOP TIP:Β have your personal statement and exam results to hand.


Clearing allows you to apply to any university that has vacancies, even if the university rejected you in the initial round of applications. If you are really keen to go and have met their entry requirements, it could be worth getting back in touch.

If you receive a verbal offer from a university they will give you a unique application code number. You can call as many universities as you like and gain multiple offers, however, you can only make ONE clearing application through UCAS Track.

Once you have decided which university you want to go to, select ‘Add Clearing Choice’ on UCAS Track.

Keep checking UCAS until the university confirms your place. If they don’t confirm within 24 hours, you will be able to send in another choice.

Once your place is confirmed you will need to amend your student finance application, apply for accommodation and visit an Open Day.

University Students

Good Luck to all those waiting for their results!!

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29 thoughts on “A-Level Results are in – what happens next?”

  1. This is really useful advice. (Many years ago) I went through clearing and I ended up in the most wonderful uni, somewhere I’d not considered but it turned out to be the best option for me. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t get into where I’d originally planned to go, though it felt like a disaster at the time.

  2. I work at a university so have picked up a few tips over the years.
    Firstly if you go into clearing don’t panic, take your time to think about what you want from a course and a location.
    Look on university websites and social media for videos of the campus, accommodation, students, anything that gives you a feel for what it will be like studying there. Do you like it? If not look at another university, there is likely to be lots of choice.
    The phone lines can be very busy on the Thursday morning so again don’t panic if you don’t get through straight away either try again later or see if you can contact them about clearing via social media
    Some university will have open days soon after results day so you can visit and make sure it feels right for you.

  3. I used to work at a University for 20 years and clearing was always the most mental time of the year. But it was so amazing to confirm places to all these young students who thought they wouldn’t get home go to University. Mich X

  4. If any time of year should be known as the nail-biting season I think this should be it! My husband tutors kids in Maths and Science and I have heard a lot of war stories on the topic of exams. Fingers crossed for everyone getting their results on the 16th!

  5. It is such a strange time when your results come in – you have been so used to the school system – it’s like what happens next! This is a great post for people in that position right now.

  6. I heard that it was results day on the radio this morning and it takes me back to all those nerves and emotions! It is such a big time in anyone’s life and the one that sees them start to make adult life decisions – all very exciting πŸ™‚

  7. Great advice! I can’t believe it was 8 years since I went through my A Level results. It’s important for students to take the next step that feels right for them.

  8. What a useful and helpful post. I was lucky to get the place I wanted but my goodness was it a nervous wait. I went to many open days which helped me get a good idea of where I might want to apply to if everything went wrong

  9. Of course they’re important at the time, but if I’m honest, failing is never the end of the world. Some companies rather experience than qualifications nowadays!

  10. This post is full of some wonderful advice, my eldest has been awaiting his results and driving me nuts about Uni’s, courses and apprenticeships he has finally settled on an apprenticeship that will fund his degree so best of both world’s for him. I hope your son gets the results he is hoping for.


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