New Baby Shark Cuddly Toys from Wowee – Review

If you are the parent of a toddler, pre-schooler or KS1 child, you will be aware of the global phenomenon that is Baby Shark.

If you have never heard of it – where have you been……….it even took over the X Factor final at the end of last year.

The catchy tune has racked up 2.4 billion views on YouTube and entered the UK Charts last year thanks catchy lyrics and fun dance moves that has made it popular with children and adults alike.

Now there is a new range of toys that have been produced by Wowee for Pinkfong.

The 12″ soft toys come in Mommy, Daddy and Baby Shark variations and cost £14.99.

Squeeze the tummy to hear an extract of the Baby Shark song, or just take to bed and for a soft and cuddly, snuggle.

Also in the range is the stackable and collectible Shark Family cube dolls (£5.99), who come in characters: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark!! Squeeze them to hear the Baby Shark song.

If your kids love Baby Shark, then these toys are a must, but do be aware that you will be listening to the earworm that is Baby Shark over, and over again!!

Head over to Smyths Toy Stores to see the entire Baby Shark toy range. Prices start from a pocket money friendly £5.99

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  1. My twins love this damned song and it drives me crazy haha – They would love these toys too but I don’t want to encourage it 😉


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