Don’t upset the Llama! – Review

Christmas is a time for family games and the last couple of years has been dominated by games such as Pie Face that has an additional peril element.

Don’t Upset The Llama is a brand new game by Tactic and if you didn’t know that Llama’s don’t like loud noises or rude behaviour, then you absolutely will after playing this game.

The game is simple and easy to set up straight from the box, so you can play almost straight away. Just remember to top up the Llama with water before you begin.

In the box

  • 1 x Water Pistol Llama
  • Pack of 64 Cards
  • Die

Llama Game

How to play

  • Deal the cards out evenly between all the players. Each player should place these cards face down in front of them.
  • Fill the Llama up with water and place it in the middle of the table.
  • Decide who goes first (we decided on highest dice through to start. If you’re playing again the dice it is the player who last got unexpectedly wet.
  • Player 1 rolls the die and so on and so forth

Top Tip!

Keep a hand towel handy and try not to spray water near the cards as they are not water resistant.

Aim of the Game

The die controls the game, as each player rolls in turn. Depending on what you roll, you then play the cards that determine whether you get sprayed or not.

Llama Game

It can turn into a bit of a free-for-all at times as you have to be the fastest to get the Llama to choose who you spray.

This game will definitely be coming out at Christmas and I have visions of a very competitive and soggy afternoon of fun!

Disclaimer: We were sent Don’t Upset the Llama to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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