Our February Update

I am not normally a “woe is me” type of person, but if i am honest, the month of February has been a bit rubbish for us and definitely didn’t go to plan.

At the beginning of the month, both Sebastian and I were ill. Sebby had tonsillitis and had a few days off school, plus 10 days of antibiotics to knock it on the head, whereas I had a nasty cough and cold, caused by a virus that I have really struggled to beat.

We were looking forward to half term break and booked a last minute holiday to Spain in the hope of getting some warm sunshine to help beat the dreaded lurgy.

Sebby wasn’t right before we flew and didn’t sleep well the night before we travelled, but we thought it was just the fact we were all packed into a hotel room as we had an early start.


He seemed happier the next morning and was happily playing on the toy aeroplanes as we checked our bags in at Gatwick.

Gatwick Airport

Unfortunately, we experienced an hours delay on the flight as they loaded refreshments onto the plane, but he seemed happy enough and caught up on some sleep during the flight.

Sebby plane

We arrived in Spain to warm temperatures and sunshine and headed to our bungalow at Alannia Resorts Costa Blanca to unpack and start exploring.

Alannia Resorts

Sebby seemed to be enjoying his new surroundings, although he wasn’t brave enough to take a dip in the pool like Isaac and Eliza, but it wasn’t heated, so I don’t blame him!!

Swimming Pool

It was night time again when he felt unwell and woke up crying, saying his tummy hurt, so we gave him some Calpol and snuggled him in bed with us and tried to get a good night sleep.

The following day, we decided to stay fairly local and headed to the local beach of Guadamar del Segura, where we had been told there was a good park for the kids. We enjoyed a wander along the beach and found a cute cafe for lunch, where we sat in coverted bath tubs to eat.

Guadamar del Segura

Whilst we were enjoying the park, Sebby complained that Isaac making him laugh hurt, so we decided to head to the local pharmacy to see if they could recommend anything that might help.


The pharmacy sent us straight to the local clinic, where we were seen quickly and advised to take Sebby straight to hospital, which is where he was diagnosed with Pneumonia and admitted for the next four days.

Sebby Hospital

My husband kept Eliza and Isaac entertained whilst we were in the hospital and I managed to get an instagram ban for liking too many photo’s whilst I was bored in hospital. Sebby was finally allowed to leave on Thursday afternoon and was looking forward to enjoying the last day of our holiday.

Elche Park

On the Friday, we drove to Valencia, where were bought tickets to go and look around Bio Parc Valencia, one of the best designed zoo’s I have ever visited, where it feels like the animals are roaming free, with clever water features, steep banks and glass to keep them separated.

Bio Parc Valencia

It was here that Eliza started complaining of tummy pain, but we thought it may just be from playing with fountains in the park the previous day and she managed to soldier through.


On Saturday, Eliza still had tummy ache and we had another two hour plane delay before we finally got in the air after having to change planes at the last minute, but after the drama of the last week we were pleased to be heading home.

Vueling Plane

On Sunday, Eliza’s pain was much worse, so after checking 111 online, they advised to take her to the doctor. Where we live, you need to phone 111 to get an out-of-hours appointment and they sent us straight to A&E, where she was triaged and sent straight through to majors.

Eliza A&E

Because the pain was on her right side, they thought it might be appendicitis and Eliza had a cannula put in to take some blood and left in, incase she needed to be admitted for surgery.

Eliza Hospital

Thankfully, after a few hours in hospital, her bloods came back clear and they diagnosed mesenteric adenitis, which mimics appendicitis and is caused by inflammation and swelling in the lymph nodes inside the abdomen. Treatment for this is painkillers and rest.

Sebastian had the doctors on Monday, where they managed to decipher his notes and has been given the all clear, with advice to keep an eye on him and err on the side of caution if he gets another cough or cold in the next few weeks. Eliza finally seems to be on the mend now too.

Now, if we could have a healthy March, that would be wonderful!

Did you have a good half term?


17 thoughts on “Our February Update”

  1. Oh my, It’s so horrible when kid’s get sick while on holiday, but pneumonia! Poor little guy, I hope he’s feeling much better now, and Eliza too. I can see why you are glad to be rid of February, but what a shame your holiday was spoiled with illness ๐Ÿ™

  2. Oh love. It was clearly a month of one thing after another. Poor little man. How horrible. Iโ€™m glad theyโ€™re both ok and I reckon youโ€™ve filled your illness quota so may it be a happy and healthy March.

  3. I bet you are so glad February is out of the way, I can sympathise on the illness side and we had drs and hospital stays as well so like you am hoping everyone stays healthy and March is a kinder month x

  4. Sounds like February was not kind with you at all. Hopefully March will be better. I had to battle thought a nasty cold as well at the beginning of February and now I am a bit paranoid with washing hands and using sanitizer every time I’m in a public space.

  5. February seemed to be a little crappy for us as well. Mainly dealing with nasty weather though. I’m sorry to hear about your little one having tonsillitis. Our youngest 2 children had it many years ago, and we had their tonsils removed. That’s terrible that Sebastian had to spend 4 days in the hospital while on holiday! I’m also sorry to hear about Eliza, but I’m glad it wasn’t appendicitis! Our February wasn’t nearly as bad as yours! I hope March treats you and your family better!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear your kids haven’t been too well over Feb, here’s hoping March is a much better month for you x

  7. Gosh, Kara, that is so much to go through. What a horrible time for you all. My youngest daughter got pneumonia when she was four (at Christmas 2007), it was so frightening. Am glad to see you all made it home safely, and I really hope your March 2020 makes up for such a rubbish month.

  8. Oh no! Sounds like you guys have had a really hard time with illness ๐Ÿ™ Hope March fairs better and glad it wasn’t anything sinister. However having Pneumonia is pretty scary – poor Sebby! Hope Eliza is feeling better too x

  9. Oh my what an awful month for you all! All the excitement of getting a holiday and poor little Sebby being in hospital for most of it, must have been so scary in another country. So glad to hear you are all doing better now, hope you have a much better march!

  10. Oh dear sounds like you did not have a good start to the month at all. I hope all is well with the family now xx

  11. Oh no! Being poorly is the worst especially if youโ€™re on holiday as well! ๐Ÿ™ shame the vacation was ruined by that. Terrible timing. hope March goes a lot better for you all! X


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