Toy safety – everything you need to know

There’s no better sound than that of your children having fun. Whether they’re using their imaginations, doing something creative or playing with the latest addition to their toy chest, knowing that your children are safe and enjoying themselves is a great feeling.

But, do you really know if your children are safe? A huge number of emergency room cases each year are the result of children coming into contact with toys that are dangerous or toys that have resulted in injury or even death. It’s a frightening statistic and sadly, many parents aren’t even aware which toys could be posing a risk to their little ones. This article on toys containing heavy metals is certainly worth reading.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some simple straightforward information that will help you keep your little ones safe, ensure you choose the toys that are right for them and to keep you vigilant.

Toys that contain chords

A pull along toy, a pull-string or something that moves when the cord is pulled. Toys with chords and string have been around for decades, and you probably remember playing with something of that caliber when you were a kid. However, when a child picks up a toy that has a cord attached, the possibility of them becoming asphyxiated or entangling themselves becomes very likely. This is why, when you choose a toy with a cord attached you should check the length before giving it to your
little one.

Sharp edges and parts

Of course, you wouldn’t let your kids play with knives or scissors, but some figurines, action figures and even little collectibles can pose a risk. A sharp edge, a sword, or a part of the toy with a rough edge has the potential to cause facial injuries and lacerations. Particularly if your child is playing with others and the game is an enthusiastic one! Check the age restrictions on the toys and give the toys a thorough examination before handing them to your kids.

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Detachable parts

Whether it’s the latest superhero action doll or a car that transforms into something else, if a large toy has many smaller parts attached then it could be a choking hazard. It’s also to be aware that even if the child that the toy belongs to isn’t likely to put the parts in their mouths, any younger siblings may be inclined to do so.

Firing action toys

A toy that fires something at speed – even if the object is foam or something light – has the potential to cause facial or significant eye damage, especially if it is fired at close range.

Ride-on toys

Eliza Rollplay Nighthawk

Ride-on toys are great fun for kids. But they can also be dangerous if they’re not used under direct supervision from an adult. If left unsupervised a small child could be squashed or become trapped underneath a ride-on toy or could end up rolling into oncoming traffic. Make sure that ride-on toys are used in a closed-off area such as a fenced backyard or garden and well away from traffic. Ensure you’re watching them at all times too!

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