Review: Baby Annabell Hospital

In light of the current lockdown situation, I have found that the kids are taking part in many more role play activities in the home.

Back in February, both Eliza and Sebastian were hospitalised for the first time and being in that situation was both unfamiliar and stressful for them, especially Sebby and they both still talk about their experience.

We were invited to review the Baby Annabell Hospital, with Baby Alexander and I thought it would be the perfect way to help them act out their experiences.

Baby Annabell Hospital

The Baby Annabell Hospital is really easy to set up, straight from the box.

Baby Annabell Hospital

Simply unfold, pull down the bed, complete with pillow and blanket and the hospital is ready for the little patient.

Baby Annabell Hospital accessories

There are hooks to hang up Baby Annabell’s belongings, or your equipment and cosy bedding to keep Annabell or Alexander warm.

Baby Alexander

The hospital also includes lots of medical accessories to help examine and care for Baby Annabell including a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, otoscope, bandages, clipboard, sample pot, patient band and even a doctors name badge.

Eliza hospital

What I like about this set is that the thermometer gives a different reading each time, so Eliza has been looking up to see what a normal temperature or a fever is, although it also shows red for high and green for normal for younger children.


It is a great set for teaching kids about medicine and hospitals, but my only disappointment is that it is very pink and we would have preferred it to be more gender neutral to keep Sebby more interested in it.

Baby Alexander and Sebby

The Baby Alexander 43cm doll has a soft body, with a velour babygro and an adorable face. He needs 3 x AA batteries to wake him up (not included). He can cry real tears, be rocked to sleep and loves his dummy. Plus he moves his mouth realistically when drinking and makes cute noises to indicate what mood he is in. You can even tickle him and he will laugh.

Baby Alexander is the perfect doll to offer a nurturing relationship between child and baby, whilst developing a real sense of responsibility and of course, is lots of fun!

Eliza and Alexander

Baby Alexander and the Baby Annabell Hospital are available from all good toy shops with an RRP of £49.99 and £59.99 respectively.

15 thoughts on “Review: Baby Annabell Hospital”

  1. Aaahhhh this looks really lovely to use with the dolls. I hadn’t seen this before but know a few children that would love it.

  2. You’re right it would have been nice to be more gender neutral as at the moment it’s so important to teach all kids about hospitals and medical studies x

  3. My daughter has this and loves, both Baby Annabell and Alexander has visited it, alongside Elsa, Rabit, Barbie among others, its fairly simple but still good to use, right now it’s set up in our front room, though the badge is stored on the bed for some reason lol

  4. Oh how cute! I remember my little girl with her Baby Annabelle, she adored it. I don’t think I would get away with it with my four year old, but it’s always lovely to see him doing some role play.

  5. What a great set, my daughter would absolutely love this! She loves her dolls and loves playing doctors and this combines both together. Its her birthday in June so I am definitely going to check this out for her, glad you guys liked the set so much too!

  6. My baby sister’s birthday is coming soon and I’m thinking about getting her the exact same thing. She loves dolls as well, I think this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing this, very helpful 🙂

  7. I taught my kid to read the thermometer. Now she is on it all over the day. Looking at these kids makes me feel happy in this pandemic days. I’ll follow your guide and get the rest of the item you suggested. Thanks 🙂


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