Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit

At the age of 9, Eliza is at the age where she loves doing science experiments as well as crafting things to gift to her friends, so when we were sent the Secret Science Kit to review, I knew she would love it.

This top secret science set will help kids to explore and learn about coding, circuitry and secret messaging with 8 amazing top secret activities.

Secret Science Activities

The set comes with clear instructions about how to conduct all the activities at home, as well as the method and science behind what they are doing.

Secret Science

In the box:

  • Magic photo box (frame, lid, insert and mirror)
  • 2 x coding bracelets with code inserts
  • compact mirror with secret notepad
  • black light pen
  • water fizzer
  • locket room guard,
  • black hanging cord
  • colour activity guide

The set allows you to use an optical illusion to build a secret magic photo box; make secret coding bracelets for you and a friend; use mirror messaging and make invisible inks. You can also decipher the secret coded message in a water fizzer; understand circuits and personalise a motion sensor room guard, complete with a recorded message function!

Eliza Secret Science

Some of the activities require additional household ingredients which are not included in the box. You will need 2 x AA batteries for the room guard, sellotape, kitchen foil, a small torch bulb, lemon juice, baking powder, purple grape juice and tonic water.

Eliza and Sophie

Eliza’s favourite activity was the secret coding bracelets and she could not wait to go around to her friends house to give her her present and show her how the bracelet worked and we have just printed off some photo’s of her friends for the magic photo box, which she cannot wait to do.

The John Adams Secret Science set is available from all good toy shops with an RRP of £19.99

Disclaimer: We were sent Secret Science to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own



13 thoughts on “Review: John Adams Secret Science Kit”

  1. I used to love spy stuff and secret notebooks and stuff when I was a kid so this would have been right up my street. It’s so nice that she’s looking forward to giving the other bracelet to her friend x

  2. What a lovely set! My son loved his science stuff when he was younger but now he’s at high school he gets to try out all sorts.

    My step daughters though don’t really have much interest so this might be a great starting point for them x

  3. My almost 6 year old is really in to science, we have been doing kitchen science experiments all summer. I think he would love the invisible ink and the coding bracelets.


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