5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child

All children can lose their confidence at certain times, such as starting a new school year or are having a low period. It can be hard to help your child to regain their confidence; with this guide, it should help you to give them a little push in the right direction. 

A good lunch can instantly boost their mood. 

Just like breakfast, lunch can be a big part of your child’s day, whether that is at home or school. Having a bento lunch box keeps their lunch interesting and organised in sections to keep them entertained by a fun pattern. Switching the lunch box can boost confidence when they are sat with friends and can improve eating habits that feed the brain for happiness.

Feeling confidence yourself

Feeling and acting confident can naturally make others around you feel the same. Even on the days when you are not feeling it, seeing you model the confidence allows your children to have an excellent example of the happiness it brings to you. Completing tasks and daily activities with optimism can bounce onto your children so they can practice this for their future. 

Encourage new activities 

Although it is good to work and improve on activities that you are already doing well at it is wise to try new activities that allow your children to acquire new skills. This grows them into a healthy, independent person who can jump into any action or role that is thrown at them. Teaching that failure is expected can help them to succeed and become determined that they can achieve anything that they want to if they work hard and have confidence in themselves.

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Finding their passion for turning into goals.

Sit down with your child and come up with activities that they love to do and make them happiest when they complete it. This could include anything from drawing to roller skating. Once you have decided on several activities, it can be an excellent time to create goals that they want to reach so when they work towards them and get them it gives them a boost of confidence whilst feeding them the will power that they can achieve them. The goals can be as big or as small as they want them to be but bear in mind that they need to be reachable to ensure that they know that they can complete it. 

Praising and positivity.

It is gratifying when you can have someone being your cheerleader so for a child having someone who is always rooting for you can be a big confidence booster. When their self-esteem is lower than usual, it can be an excellent time to sit with them to discuss the good points about reaching their goals or whether the plan needs to be altered to make it more reachable. There could be a different approach required or the resources you are using that you can switch to make it easier for them. Such as swapping textbooks to video learning for children who learn better with visual work rather than large blocks of text.

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