Do You Struggle with the Winter Blues? Try These Tips to Beat Them

Everyone has their favourite season of the year, and for some people that season is winter, but for the majority of people – especially in the UK, winter is a struggle from a mental health perspective.

Short, dark and rainy days don’t do much to boost moods, and whilst other countries may enjoy snowy winters that can make for fun days, the UK doesn’t really get lucky in this area, and when we do get snow, it tends to be more of a hassle than something that’s welcome.

If you’re one of the ones who struggle with the winter and find that your mood is often lowered and you feel more depressed and anxious during the colder months, carry on reading. In this post, we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for how to beat the winter blues. Hopefully, this season the blues doesn’t take too much of a toll on you.

Get Plenty of Sleep:

Getting enough sleep is absolutely crucial for maintaining good levels of mental and physical health. This is especially the case during winter if this is a season that you struggle with since insomnia is directly linked to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

The average amount of sleep recommended for adults is 7-8 hours per night. Although most of us find we can typically survive on a bit less as long as it’s uninterrupted, it’s when we’re not getting any sleep or having a completely restless night on an ongoing basis that it becomes a problem.

Even if you don’t struggle with your sleep during the summer, you may find it becomes an issue during the winter. If it’s becoming noticeable, then you should speak to your doctor as they’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Other things you can try to help you sleep better are making sure you don’t have too much caffeine during the day or too late in the day, and also ensuring that your bedroom is a place where you can relax, so not a lot of noise, bright lights or clutter, as these can all interfere with your sleep.

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Stay Active:

Staying active by getting regular exercise is something that’s good for your overall physical health but is also great for your mental health.

Although you might not feel like going out and doing any exercise during the winter, it can really make a huge positive impact on how you feel. It can also help you reduce any feelings of anxiety, depression or stress.

When it comes to staying active, you don’t need to be hitting the gym every day to get some exercise. You could take a short walk around the block in the morning. If there’s a swimming pool near your house, then you can get in a 20-minute swim for a full-body workout.

The great thing about swimming is that it also helps with things like boosting your appetite and keeping a good sleeping pattern going.

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Eat Right:

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional takeaway or stopping for a Big Mac once in a while, there’s a lot to be said for keeping a healthy diet in terms of not just physical health and wellbeing, but also on your mental health and on overall stress levels.

The things we eat affect our bodies so much more than people than we probably even realise. As certain vitamins are essential for maintaining overall good health, if we’re not getting enough of these, then even things like skin and hair can become affected.

Consider Reinventing Your Look

The way you look can have a profound effect on your sense of self, so you if you’re stuck in a winter rut, then you could consider spicing up your appearance. Many individuals choose to change their hair, as it’s an integral part of their style.

Thick, glossy locks are a staple of most looks, so if your hair is thinning and causing you further stress, then consider going to your doctor to see if they can recommend any treatments. They can recommend a reliable solution that will work for you, such as Regaine or Finasteride. Chemist Click offers these products online, and you can get them sent to your home, so you can get them quickly and start your journey towards a beautiful new look that reinvigorates your style and spirit.

Make Time For Self Care:

Having a good routine when it comes to self-care is something that should be prioritised at all times of the year since it’s good for maintaining lower levels of stress and keeping physical and mental health issues in check.

The good thing about self-care is that it doesn’t have to be over-complicated or cost a lot of money. In fact, it can be something as simple as taking an hour out of your day to sit in a quiet place with a good book or even just taking yourself out to look through the shops or whatever you find enjoyable and relaxing for you.

We hope that this post has helped you identify some of the ways you can take care of yourself this winter and also look after your physical and mental health.

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