Teaching kids about good bathtime routines and hygiene with BABY Born

This year we have seen a huge focus on ensuring our personal hygiene is up to scratch to try and help prevent virus infection.

As an early year practitioner, we always had good hygiene measures in our setting, however, these have had to be adapted this year to keep everyone safe.

Teaching the kids the importance of good hygiene is vital and BABY Born has joined forces with iChild to help embed the importance of bathtime routines, handwashing and personal hygiene with BABY born Handwashing and Toilet Training activities, with a series of reward charts and certificates.

The BABY Born Bathtime range can help with teaching children routine and hygiene through imaginative play and we were sent the BABY Born Bathtub to review.

BABY born Bath Bathtub

This duck-themed bathtub is BABY born’s favourite way to get sparkling clean and includes LED lights, sound effects and even a shower head with electronic water support via a pump and requires 4 x AA batteries to work.

Baby Born Bath

I would recommend putting your bath on a waterproof mat, or a tuff spot when you bath your doll in the perfectly-sized tub. Add water from the fully functional shower and a squirt of bubble bath and gently push the pump a few times and whoosh! BABY born’s bath is lovely and bubbly, just like yours at home.

Press a button to make the tub sparkle, with the four sweet duck stands glowing up and an enchanting melody will play. If only real baths were that fun.

Baby born bath

This is where is can get messy, as the shower head really does work, perfect for teaching children how to wash their hair and bodies.

The BABY born bathtub has an RRP of £39.99 and is available from all good toy shops.

Other items in the range include the BABY born Bath Toothcare Spa and the BABY Born Poo Poo Potty

Disclaimer: We were sent the BABY Born Bathtub to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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  1. This is a great idea. I wondering if they do this in a set that would encourage my almost 13 year old….

    I am not sure if we are beyond help now! Catching them young is definitely key x


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