Top 10 Trends To Try In Your Home

As time goes by, your home interior and decors can look stale and out of style. What you need to do is catch up with the latest trends so your home would look modern. Rearranging and interior decorating is a great mini-project that you can do by yourself. You only need to be resourceful and creative to achieve a new look for your home.  

When it comes to home redesigning, there are a lot of trends and themes that you can try. But before picking one, you should consider your budget. Revamping your home can be quite expensive, especially if it’s a massive renovation. 

Some decors might be hard to find and are only available in select shops and are usually more expensive. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, feel free to do so. So, if you are looking for new patterns and ideas that can help you decide how to renovate and rearrange your home, below are some trends that you can take inspiration from:

Patterned Window Treatments  

If you have a window, you should have a window treatment. The most popular type of window treatments that you could go for are either curtains or blinds. While curtains provide a classic look, it may not be the best choice if you have a small room. In small spaces, adding curtains can make the area look more cramped. In that case, blinds are a better option.

Light through a window

Patterned roller blinds are trendy today. This adds a pop of colour and life into the room. However, you have to make sure that the pattern you’re going for matches the room’s design and is just the right size for your windows. 

Vintage Accents  

Surprisingly, vintage accents are getting more popular today. Vintage doesn’t exclusively old or antique, it could also mean classic, elegant, and magnificent items. You can search for vintage accents at a flea market, garage sale, or scour listings online. 

You can look for a spindle, vinyl player, vintage posters, candlestick, or wired telephones, to name a few. However, acquiring vintage accents can be quite tricky and expensive, but you can also get good deals from thrift shops if you are willing to go on an extensive hunt.

Floral Wallpaper  

If you think floral wallpapers are outdated, think again. Floral wallpapers are back in trend, and there are new themes and color palettes to choose from. Floral wallpapers were popular during the 20th century, but the colours and patterns were different then. Today, you can go for fresh colours and match them with white ceilings. You can also choose from large and bold patterns that make them a great fit for a nursery or kid’s room.  


Rattan Furniture  

The trend nowadays, especially in home design, is more on modern minimalism. People are going for fresh-looking themes that are usually composed of white, muted, or earthly colours. To stay true to the theme and colour combination, wood pieces and wooden furniture are chosen to best accentuate the room.

With that said, Rattan furniture is becoming more and more popular among modern homes. That’s because it is easy to find and rather light compared to other types of wood. They can be expensive, but they can also be custom-made if you like.   

Rattan furniture is best paired with white and green accents to achieve a calm, fresh, and relaxed look for your interior. If you are going for a tropical vibe or theme, Rattan pieces are a great choice! 

Navy Blue   

If you like to add a pop of colour into your room without having it look too simple or too loud, navy blue is the perfect choice for you. Some people say that navy blue is the new grey. This colour will help give your room a different mood. 

You don’t have to paint all your walls with this colour, it is best to pair it with neutral tones too. But if you don’t like blue walls, you can still use navy blue as a common theme among your accessories and accents such as throw pillows and carpets.


Houseplants are very much in trend these days. Many people have found a new hobby amidst the pandemic, and this includes gardening and plant collecting. Houseplants are not just great for accessorising homes, they offer environmental benefits as well.

There are many indoor plants that you could choose from. You can start with Snake Plants (Sansevieria) and Aloes since these are easier to care for. Long-time popular houseplants such as Rubber Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and Peace Lilies are still great options. 

While these houseplants require little care and maintenance, it’s tricky to find the best spot for them inside your home. So, before you choose a plant, make sure to read about what light requirements do they need and how much water they should get to survive.


Soft Pink Colors   

Soft pinks are best paired with white accents to help achieve a minimalist and muted look. If you choose soft pinks as a wall color, you should use sheer white curtains and other soft colours to make the room calm and relaxed. Along with this, you should avoid loud and dark colours such as blacks and reds as they won’t complement the hues.

Dried Flowers  

If you don’t like to bother about the care and maintenance that is required by most indoor plants, then you can opt for dried flowers instead. You don’t have to worry about watering dried flowers or giving them the light or shade they need. They are still real plants but are picked out and preserved to last a lifetime.

Dried flowers add a minimalist and boho-chic touch to your home. You can play around with different dried flower combinations and come up with a beautiful flower bouquet that will easily add an elegant accent to your home.

Mirror and Flowers

Earth Tones  

If you’re into warm colours that feel natural and soft to the eyes, earth tones are the best theme or colour palette that you can use for your home. It’s not hard to look for accents and furniture that have earthly tones to them, as the style is in trend. The good thing about using earth tones is that you have a wide range of colour hues to choose from. Earthly colours can include shades of brown, wine, olive green, beige, and yellow ochre.     

Fun Bathroom Wallpapers   

If you are tired and bored with a bathroom that is just full of white tiles, you can now play around with new bathroom wallpapers that have different shades and patterns to choose from. You could go for bold colours with a touch of gold or onyx black to enhance elegance. If you like to add interesting decors to your bathroom, you can add a ladder-type shelf where you can place some accents and toiletries.


Before going in for a full home makeover, make sure that you’re ready for the challenge and expenses that the project brings. You have to list what you need. Aside from accents and decors, you might need to buy paint or wallpapers. 

Most of all, choose a theme that you actually like and enjoy, and not just because it is “trendy.” Updating your home with the latest styles, colours, and decorations help maintain a relaxing vibe, and you would certainly look forward to coming home after a long day at work.


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