Looking After Your New Motorcycle: Must-Read Tips

A waterproof motorcycle cover, along with your safety clothing and helmet, should be top of your shopping list if you own a motorbike. Not only will it provide additional security for your bike when you are not riding it, but it is one of the essentials if you are storing your bike over the winter months. However, choosing the right waterproof cover is important. A substandard cover could leave you with more problems, as well as reducing the effectiveness of other measures you take to secure your motorbike over the winter months.

Winter Preparations

Regardless of whether your motorbike will be stored outdoors or in a garage over the winter months, careful preparations are essential to ensure it is ready and safe to ride once the weather improves. You need to prepare the bike itself by wiping it down with disposable hand towels before it is covered, and ensure that you buy a quality motorcycle cover. A poor-quality cover will do little to protect your bike in high wind or driving rain, it will also allow snow to build up under the bike, making it difficult to access, move, or remove the cover if required. However, a high-quality cover will not slip or move in extreme weather conditions – keeping every part of your bike safely covered and protected from the weather. 

The best motorcycle covers waterproof include features that help to stop the edges from lifting in the wind, and additional buckles and straps to make it less likely to be washed or blown away, even in the harshest of conditions. Whether your motorbike is left outside over the winter, or stored in a garage, a quality cover will be designed to stop the build-up of condensation, and therefore mould and rust, which can occur over time. Of course, for those who continue to use their bike over the winter months, a cover is essential for ensuring that your bike is safe, dry, and ready to ride whenever it is needed. During winter months, you also need to consider the risk of the grit that is used to combat ice, being flung at your machine by passing vehicles. A quality cover is the best all-round protection you can buy for your prized possession. 

Looking After Your Motorbike Cover 

While it is important to look after your bike prior to winter storage, it is also crucial that you look after your motorbike cover when it is not in use. Before each use, you should check your cover for signs of wear and tear. A small hole now could be a big problem by spring. Even if you are using your bike on a daily basis, you should regularly check the cover. As well as wear and tear, you should look for signs that someone has tried to remove the cover, or gain access to your bike. This could be as simple as a muddy footprint which isn’t yours left on the cover. Check seams, straps, and elasticated edges. If your elastic starts to lose its strength, you could expose your bike to the elements, particularly in windy conditions.  

When you are not using your cover, it should be kept in an appropriate bag to reduce the risk of it getting damaged. Ensure that your motorcycle waterproof cover is clean and dry before packing it away, regardless of whether this is for the season or just during the day while your bike is in use. These checks are important even with a quality cover, as you don’t want to reduce its effectiveness and put your bike at unnecessary risk.

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