Keep The Kitchen Clean And Tidy With These Tips

As we move into another hectic spring and summer – it will soon be time again for parties at our homes, barbecues in the garden, and time spent with our family and friends. 

If you love to host people in your home or you simply love making food – keeping the kitchen clean and tidy can be a challenge.

Today we want to share a few cleaning and tidying tips for the kitchen that will make your life much easier every day and will allow you to host parties and gatherings without the stress. 

Use baking powder tough pan stains

One of the most difficult things to clean after cooking has to be a frying pan. After pan frying steak or chicken in your kitchen you will often end up with a pan full of dried grease and grime that is rock hard to the touch. But don’t fret because there is a simple home remedy that will clean this in a flash. 

Sprinkle some baking powder over your pan, and then pour vinegar directly onto it. It will fizz a lot! Leave this for 30 minutes and then use warm water and a sponge to clean your pan. It should come off easily and it’ll be good as new in no time. 

Pop a lemon in the microwave 

One of the tips that many cleaners will say is to pop a lemon on your microwave to get rid of tough grease and stains. Cut a lemon in half and place it in the microwave on a plate. Turn it on for 1 minute 30 seconds at full power. Once done, use the lemon to rub the sides and roof of the microwave and see the grease wipe away. Wipe with a damp cloth and you’ll end up with a fresh smelling, clean microwave. 

Utilise vinegar for your drains 

Vinegar is magic when it comes to cleaning – and if you can excuse the smell it is very effective. If you have a clogged drain and you don’t want to spend a ton on drain cleaner – all you need is 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup boiling water. Mix together in a jug and pour down the sink. This will loosen any grease and get rid of plaque that had built up. 

Prep produce immediately 

One of the most annoying things about buying food is wasting it. It is a sad fact that a lot of us waste a portion of our fresh food each week and this can cost a lot as well as being bad for the planet. To cut down on food wastage make sure you prep and tub up produce when you get home from the store. Any fruit and vegetables you want to use during the week – peel, dice, and wash as needed and keep in sealed Tupperware tubs. It means you can grab these easily throughout the week and you will be much less likely to waste anything. 

Use some of these tips to keep your kitchen clean and organised this week. 

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