Making the Most of Your Small Bedroom

Just because your bedroom is small does not mean you cannot create a warm and inviting space that is perfect for sleeping, relaxing or reading a good book in.

Sure, it might be nice to have a little more room, but with these simple hacks, your small bedroom can still be a great room…

Opt for a simple layout

If your bedroom space is small, then you will want to keep things very simple in terms of layout. Place the bed against the main wall and ensure that there is space free around each side of the bed where at all possible. The key is to give the illusion of space, so placing furniture in any area that could block the flow of movement is a bad idea.

Get smart about storage

When you only have a small bedroom to work with, it’s a good idea to do some decluttering and get rid of as much unnecessary stuff as you can. Once you’ve done that, you need to look at these key ways to organise your bedroom so that you can keep everything neat and tidy while using as little space as possible. From under-bed storage to rilling clothing instead of folding, there are so many hacks you can employ to this end.

Let there be light

If your room is small, then it’s really important that you bring in as much light as possible because if it’s dingy in theorem it will feel even more claustrophobic, so open the curtains, make sure there’s a lamp on each bedside table and maybe have a few candles around the place too, and use them!

Don’t be afraid of the dark

It’d a common misconception that small rooms should always be painted white, or at least in neutral in order to make them feel bigger, but that is not always true. Dark shades of grey, green and blue can be just as spacious, with the added benefit of making the room seem much more dramatic, so if you like dark colours, go for it!

Hang the curtains higher

Hanging your curtains higher up than you usually would, and choosing floor-length drapes, will create the illusion of spaciousness, so even if the room is tiny, you will not feel claustrophobic in there.

Go for wall-mounted

From bedside tables to lamps, if it can be mounted to the wall, you should probably think about doing so. Why? Because it will give you more floor space, so you will not feel quite so hemmed in, and you will also be able to get away with far more pieces of larger furniture than might otherwise be possible if that is something that is important to you too.

As you can see, there are lots of very simple things you can do to make the most of the space you have available to your in your small bedroom, and you know what? Small rooms can be even cosier so why not embrace the room you have and do what you can to make it amazing!

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