Keeping Your Cat Fit And Healthy

Often it’s normal to see your cat put on an extra pound or two when they hit the 2 or 3-year-old mark

That’s because, much like humans, as cats get older their metabolism slows down a bit. And if they maintain the same lifestyle they’ll be burning off less than they would have when they were younger.

While this isn’t anything to be concerned about, you want to keep your cat in good health, both mentally and physically. So, as they grow a little older you will want to put a little more focus on their health.

There are a good number of ways to maintain and improve a cat’s health, but to get things started, here are four.


If given half a chance, cats will opt to be lazy. Especially as they get older and gain a sense of familiarity with the local area, making their outings less of an ‘adventure’.

But just because they seem like moving is some unreasonable feat, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be moving. Sometimes you have to get your cat to be active yourself, whether that’s getting them outside the house or having a good amount of playing time with them.

So long as they are having an hour or so of daily exercise, they’ll be burning off any unused calories.


That brings us quite nicely to your cat’s diet, which should remain consistent and manageable.

Cats are excellent at begging for food, but that’s just because it’s what they do, they aren’t necessarily hungry. Consult with someone who will know rightly how much to feed a cat that’s the size of yours and try not to divulge too far from that amount.

It’s also worth considering the quality of food that your cat is eating, as sometimes bagged food is heavily processed and hard to break down.

As cats are naturally carnivores (and are probably already eating raw meat when out and about) it may be worth trying a raw, wholefood diet. It’s a lot easier to digest and process, and it’s getting much easier with pre-prep companies like Bella & Duke.


Cats need their freedom in order to keep motivated, which in turn keeps them healthy. That means letting your cat roam freely. Unless you have had a home cat from birth, you need to give them their freedom. Roaming around the local area will keep them fit and healthy.

While, yes, these are odd times with work from home rules and unclear Covid regulations, you need to keep your cat’s routine intact.

Just because you are home and your cat’s company doesn’t mean that they want the same thing. Let them out for a wander at their regular time. 

Cat Food


Cats, for the most part, are not fond of the vets, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the vets unless something is wrong. 

Get your cat a regular check-up, your vet will be able to spot any potential health issues that you may miss and will be able to advise you on all of the above.

Remember, a cat is basically a child, no older than 10 years old, so letting them rely on themself for their health and well being isn’t really reasonable. Be proactive and keep your cat happy and healthy. 

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