3 Tips For Getting More Personal Projects Done

Do you have any personal projects or hobbies that you spend time on, on a regular basis? Or that you’d like to spend time on?

Today, there are a huge number of different resources on offer that can enable us all to get more done over the course of our daily lives, whether with regards to a particular hobby such as gardening or painting, or whether with regards to a professional development course through STL.

At the same time, though, it’s one thing to have a variety of personal projects in mind that you know you’d like to make headway on, and it’s another thing altogether to actually manage to fit those projects in.

Here are some tips for getting more personal projects done.

Aim to get started as quickly as possible instead of overthinking things

In many instances, simply getting started as quickly as possible on a given personal project can be very helpful, and can allow you to make real headway, as opposed to becoming totally caught up and stalling.

Often, a lot of the procrastination that ends up getting in the way of our ability to move forward with our personal projects really comes down to simply overthinking things.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were so stressed about how long a task would take you to complete, that you ended up wasting more time sitting around and procrastinating than the task actually would have taken?

Just getting started and moving forward, step by step, can often free up a lot of time and can help you to progress significantly with projects ranging from DIY to job hunting.


Practice the art of focusing on one thing at a time and “changing gears”

Although many people “multitask” on a regular basis, researchers in psychology have warned that this is a bad idea — as “multitasking” seems to not only lead to reduced performance at any given task, but also significantly contributes to stress.

If you want to make headway on a personal project or task, practising the art of focusing on one thing at a time can help you to ensure that your time is as productively and effectively spent as possible. 

To help yourself to more effectively and fully shift your attention, work on “changing gears” throughout the day — specifically by taking a deep breath, shifting your attention to the present, and paying attention to what’s right in front of you.

Avoid trying to do too many different projects at once

If you’re trying to find time for a dozen different personal projects in a given day, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll succeed — and it’s significantly more likely that you’ll struggle to be consistent, or to make real headway on any given project at a time.

Generally speaking, one of the best ways of getting more personal projects done is by taking on fewer personal projects at a time, and by focusing on one or two of those projects at a time, before shifting your attention to any others.

If you’re learning languages, for example, you’ll likely do better by immersing yourself in one language for a period of time than by trying to learn three languages simultaneously.

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