How to Prepare Your Child For University Applications

Preparing your child for university creates a very long checklist of things that need to get done. The stressful part is that you must not miss a single item on the list or else the process can get messy. There are certain things you can start thinking about now to make filling out applications easier. Here is what to keep in mind. 


Being active and being a part of clubs and sports makes a university application stand out. If it’s not too late, encourage and enroll your child in activities. The longer a child is in an activity the better. Over time, they will begin to develop new skills and talents that will make them better people. 

Being active also makes it easier to socialize, and that will be a big thing your child will need to do when they get to university. They are going to need the social skills to make new friends, date, and network as they build their futures. 

Personal Statement 

On a university application, the personal statement is what can make or break an acceptance. If your child needs help developing their personal statement, there are companies out there that can help. Your child may be the best writer, but a few organizational tips and experience from a pro won’t hurt. 

Personal statements are the one place a child can make a meaningful impression on an admissions officer. Great statements strike a chord and show a school your child is more than just their transcripts. Start brainstorming that statement today so your child can have plenty of time to craft it. 


Good Grades

The biggest of them all: good grades. Don’t let your child’s grades slide or else they will have limited or no options when it comes to furthering their education. A lot of children learn differently, it may be a different school your child needs or a different teacher to get them to get higher marks. 

Talk with your child’s teachers if they don’t have great grades and see what can be done to get higher marks. Sometimes, an extra credit assignment that is tailored to your child’s way of thinking could be what it takes to get their marks soaring high. 


Does your child get along with their teachers? If so, start vetting which one will give the best recommendation. Universities want to know how your child behaves while in an organized learning environment, and their teachers have that insight. 

Your child can start making connections with the teachers who help them the most and who truly see them for who they are. Those are the teachers who can write the recommendations that will help your child get into school and become successful.


Getting into university is a big deal for a teenager, and if they are prepared, it can be an experience that is both delightful and smooth. It’s never too early to start the process. Ensure your child is getting good grades, socializing, and being seen by their teachers and professors. 

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