Project 365 2022 – Week 18

Another week where the kids were at school for just a few days, thanks to Bank Holiday and the in lieu day for the Jubilee.

Eliza is getting ready for her SATs next week and is getting a little worked up about the maths tests. We cannot wait for it to all be over now.

Here is our week:

Sunday 1st May

All plans for a nice Bank Holiday walk were scuppered by the wet weather

Monday 2nd May

We headed back to the New Forest today to pick up two very tired and slightly damp children.

These New Forest ponies had been keeping them company all weekend and apparently followed them when they were on their hikes.

Tuesday 3rd May

Another day off school for Eliza and Sebby, as a day in lieu for the Jubilee Bank Holiday.


Eliza was tired from scout camp, so we stayed at home and I caught up with some toy reviews.

Wednesday 4th May

Back to school and work! Sebby has gone up a stage at swimming, so swims later.

We are still unable to watch, so I took this picture of these beautiful flowers as I went for a walk whilst he swam.

Thursday 5th May

We have just started a refit at work and have had a few product moves done already. I got into work to find that they had ripped all my community boards off the wall and thrown them, and all my posters in the skip.

I was a nit annoyed, as none of us were expecting that to happen yet, as I would have taken them down and stored them to reuse when the new boards are up.

Friday 6th May

Another work day for us.

Eliza’s Indian Flower Mantis is starting to change colour, but I still can’t get a decent picture of it as it’s too small. I think I need to break out my big camera.

Saturday 7th May

Isaac’s volunteer day on Brownsea Island.

We had plans to take the other two for a walk, but got stuck into gardening instead, to try and get it usable again now the weather is improving.

Isaac got some great photo’s of ducklings though and managed to catch some moths in the moth traps.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 – Week 18”

  1. Ohh! What a treat for the kids to get an extra day off school. Good luck to Eliza with her SATs.
    That was rotten that the community boards and posters were put in the skip. Hmmf! I hope the work is finished soon. x

  2. Wow to the extra day off school, I was surprised to learn the Jubilee days have been slotted into the school holidays, seems unfair. Such a shame about the Community Boards, a lot of hard work gone to waste. Hope you are able to get things up and running again soon.

  3. Sounds like the day off school was much needed to help Eliza recover from Scout camp. Well done to Sebby on moving up a stage at swimming. How annoying that your community boards and posters got thrown into the skip when they could have been reused once the new boards were up. #project365


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