Planning A Luxury Getaway For Your Large Friendship Group

Treating yourselves to a luxury holiday once in a while can be a fantastic way to create amazing memories with your friends and reset and revitalise your mind. Planning a holiday like this, however, is no easy task. Just as any other holiday planning can get complicated, it’s going to feel like a much bigger responsibility to get a luxury getaway right, especially if you’re planning it for a large group of people. To help you get started with this, we’ve listed a few important things to think about so you can feel more confident in your choices.

Decide On A Location
The first and arguably the most important step when planning a holiday is figuring out exactly where to go. Plenty of amazing locations worldwide will provide you and your friends with an unforgettable time and a truly luxurious stay. You could from an array of luxury villas in some amazing places across the world, such as Corsica in the Mediterranean. A destination such as this is a great option as it boasts great weather and stunning views and isn’t actually one of the least-visited destinations in the Mediterranean, making it relatively quiet and relaxing compared to many other locations. 

Plan Some Activities
When you have so many people to organise and plan for on your holiday, it’s important to make sure that everyone is going to enjoy themselves. Of course, certain activities will be preferred by some and not others, so you should plan a varied selection of activities for people to partake in. Of course, activity holidays are becoming much more popular today, including high-octane water sports such as jet skis and parasailing, slower-paced hiking and mountain biking. Or you could book some relaxing luxury spa treatments for those that want to take some time to relax instead.

Museums and castles are also great options if your group wants to get some culture in their holiday and explore history. For example, visit the Castles of Kent and the Canterbury Cathedral if you are in Kent. For those who want to take it up a notch, you can book tickets for guided tours with expert historians or even for wine tastings so everybody can get a taste of local culture.

Either way, ensure that there’s something planned to suit everyone. 

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Don’t Make A Strict Schedule
While it is great to plan lots of fun activities for everyone to enjoy, not everyone is going to want to spend their holiday beholden to a tight schedule. After all, most of us go away on vacation to get away from stress and schedules, so you should ensure that if you do, create a plan or schedule that isn’t a strict one and make sure that everyone knows that there is no pressure to do anything on the list. The last thing you want is for your luxury holiday to become more like a school trip.

Choose The Right Time Of Year
There’s another essential consideration when planning your luxury getaway, and this is another thing that can divide your group. That decision is when in the year you’ll be going. Certain months will naturally be more expensive, both in terms of flight and rental costs. The thing that generally dictates which months are going to be more expensive is whenever the weather is at its best. This usually means that for the northern hemisphere, at least, June to August tend to be more expensive than others, with the price diminishing each month from that peak time. Choosing the best month to go on holiday isn’t easy, and an off-peak month doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bad time. It just means that, on average, you’re more likely to experience some less-than-ideal weather compared to if you picked a week right in the middle of July.

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